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Vistar’s ‘real-time sports updates’ for DOOH

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Vistar Media Launches New Sports Use Cases for DOOH Dynamic Creative

New York, NY – Vistar Media, a cutting-edge global provider of programmatic technology for digital out-of-home (DOOH), announced today its ‘real-time sports updates’ dynamic creative capabilities to help brands better drive fan engagement, tune-in intent and affiliation with specific games based on real-time sports updates. This new offering allows advertisers to automatically integrate real-time, league-specific sports updates into their advertising creatives, including specific matchups, live scoring and game results, to create localized hype among fans.

“If you’re trying to inspire someone to take an action – from tuning in to a game, to placing a bet, buying a ticket or even buying beer – you should prioritize making your message relevant and immediate,” said Leslie Lee, SVP of Marketing at Vistar Media. “For sports-related marketing, featuring real-time game updates or upcoming match details makes your ads specific, engaging and likely to drive results.”

‘Real-time sports updates’ is just one unique activation capability that makes dynamic creative a standout in the DOOH advertising ecosystem. Dynamic creative allows marketers to enhance the relevancy of their DOOH ads by leveraging data to automatically change specific elements within an individual advertising asset. This creative strategy features a number of eye-catching use cases, like ‘real-time sports updates,’ to effectively adapt creative based on a campaign’s objectives, audience and moment in time. Recent ‘real-time sports updates’ campaigns have been activated by leading advertisers such as the NBA.

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With the return of professional and collegiate football, and basketball right around the corner, brands can seamlessly activate ‘real-time sports updates’ DOOH strategies to reach and captivate their sports fanatic audience. Contact Vistar today to learn more about other dynamic creative capabilities such as ‘countdown’ and ‘nearest location.’

Interested in learning additional ways brands are blending creativity and technology to drive personalization and consumer action at scale? Download Vistar’s Complete Dynamic Creative Playbook for DOOH.

About Vistar Media
Vistar Media is the leading global provider of programmatic technology for digital out-of-home (DOOH). With a mission of enhancing every OOH transaction with automation, data and measurement, Vistar has established the most comprehensive marketplace for programmatic out-of-home transactions via a demand-side platform (DSP), supply-side platform (SSP), and data management platform (DMP). Vistar also offers core infrastructure software for media owner networks, via the Vistar Ad Server and device and content management platform (Cortex). For more information, visit www.vistarmedia.com

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