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Vengo Launches Digital Media Platform for In-Store Advertising, Partners with National Entertainment Network

45,000 gaming and vending machines nationwide across 15,000 retail, grocery and restaurant locations

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Vengo Launches Digital Media Platform
for In-Store Advertising, Partners with NEN


NEW YORK — Nearly 90% of Americans say they shop for groceries differently because of Covid-19, with 44% spending more money on each grocery store visit.* That’s why Vengo, the leader in digital kiosk technology, today announced the launch of its Digital-out-of-Home (DOOH) media platform for retail marketers and advertisers, partnering with National Entertainment Network (NEN), the premier national entertainment kiosk provider in the US, as its first platform partner. As part of the agreement, Vengo will integrate display screens running its digital media platform with NEN gaming devices, giving brands another way to deliver their messages to consumers at the point of sale across a network of thousands of grocery and retail stores and restaurants.

This partnership serves as the initial expansion of Vengo’s media platform beyond its own network of over 1400 interactive kiosks, with upcoming extensions to many new devices, screens and kiosks to drive place-based advertising — connecting brands with consumers on-the-go around the world.

a message from Movia

“NEN is excited to be launching this program with Vengo and leveraging its DOOH Network,” said NEN President Jim Sevalt. “NEN operates more than 45,000 gaming and vending machines nationwide across 15,000 retail, grocery and restaurant locations, and is continuously innovating new ways to engage consumers. The addition of a media network is a natural extension.”

NEN’s new subsidiary, Digital Claw, focuses on identifying innovative digital opportunities that can expand their gaming business beyond their machines. “Digital advertising is a pillar of our digital growth strategy because it will integrate with other digital initiatives we are bringing to our grocery, restaurant, and retail clients, which have now been proven to drive consumer engagement and increase revenue,” said Adam Kamenstein, President of Digital Claw. “Through this turnkey partnership, with Vengo providing the technology platform and the media sales, we look forward to providing our clients with a way to engage their customers at the retail point-of-sale.”

Vengo DOOH Media Network, A Growth Opportunity for the Grocery & Retail Community

“In the New Normal, grocery plays an elevated role in society. It is where decisions are made on what brands to feed your family. Reaching consumers with large form factor messaging at the grocery entrance is the perfect opportunity to launch Vengo’s turnkey Media Platform, now extended beyond Vengo kiosks, and impact consumer purchase behavior. We’ve worked with NEN for many years and, with our complementary skill sets, this is a logical next step in the partnership,” said Brian Shimmerlik, Co-Founder and CEO at Vengo Labs.

About Vengo Labs
Vengo Labs’ DOOH network is distributed across Vengo’s eponymous digital kiosks that serve consumer-packaged goods, personal technology, beauty, PPE, gaming and place-based digital out-of-home media, marrying the convenience of touchless shopping with instant access to products and samples via brick-and-mortar retail locations, universities, gyms, transit hubs, hotels, offices and more, as well as third party kiosks and screens. Today, more than 1,400 Vengo kiosks, in major US markets. For more information, visit www.vengolabs.com.

About NEN
National Entertainment Network (NEN) is the largest front-end retail and amusement vending company in the nation, headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado. NEN defines amusement vending entertainment with a diverse first-tier entertainment/confection portfolio of products operating over 45,000 crane and bulk vending machines and kiddie rides, located in over 15,000 of the most popular retail and restaurant locations throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.


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  1. Monica says

    Which company will be the first to finally connect these DOOH experiences with email, social, SMS etc?

  2. No Fear No Favor says

    There are a few already who are making runs at it. And arguably are doing so right now. Great question. Thank you Monica

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