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Valentine’s Day Billboard $10

Only $10

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Get Your Valentine’s Day Billboard for Only $10

The twitter post below by Adomni, found its way to us and the little birdie’s message struck as one we are not so sure we like.  Adomni, is an open online platform to find and buy digital out-of-home advertising.

Let’s be clear.  Who doesn’t love chocolates and flowers for Valentine’s Day? But a billboard for Valentine’s Day? What a perfect vehicle to deliver a message to a loved one on a billboard.  It is probably only second to a big diamond.  It’s one of the grandest of all gifts for your special loved one. We have sold many, purchased a few and even hand painted one for our ‘special valentine’ our first year in the #OOH business.  It is cupid’s near bull’s-eye for Valentine Day memories.

At $10 for a billboard, this is truly an opportunity and affordable purchase.

$10 a billboard?   Is this a good thing for OOH?  What are your thoughts?
Share in the comments section below.

 Is this a good thing for OOH?

In 2017, Adomni gave away 10 minutes of free billboard space for Valentine’s Day. Photo below.
See post here ⇒ Locals get free billboard space for Valentine’s Day






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  1. Andrea Messimer says

    I think this is a great thing making it more affordable for small to medium businesses- same as online digital – To be able to target your audience during the time or within a budget that makes sense for your overall campaign goals, this will increase the Organic growth that our industry desires-
    However, consultation with any medium is still needed and necessary-

  2. Chris says

    I don’t see how this kind of buying is going to move the needle for the industry in any significant way. How much of that $10 even goes to the plant? The concern, in my eyes, is that this kind of campaign devalues billboards by making them seem like they are only worth $10.

  3. Patsy says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! What a great way to shout your love, literally, from the rooftops!

  4. Bill Board says

    Happy you ‘love’ it 3 times, Patsy. We encourage you to share your love with your dollars and buy a billboard for Valentine’s Day today.
    Support your local OOH Company! Thank you for your comment.

  5. Bill Board says

    Chris, we wondered if anyone was going to pick up on that concern. Strong point which you make and one which we were waiting to see if more readers might comment towards.
    Thank you for your observations!

  6. Bill Board says

    Andrea Messimer, indeed affordability at $10 is attractive. But at that rate, how can an OOH company offer consultation or any further resources?
    Thank you for your comments.

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