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Twitter Global Group Creative Director on OOH

GO2018 OOH Conference Speaker Profile  JAYANTA JENKINS.   

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Jayanta Jenkins Twitter


Global Group Creative Director,  

Jayanta Jenkins.


Geopath developed Q&A profiles to introduce the GO2018 speakers with insights of our speakers and their thoughts on Out of Home.

Here’s the third speaker profile for the upcoming 2018 Geopath/OAAA Out of Home Conference (GO2018). The Outdoor Advertising annual event takes place May 7–9 in Austin, Texas.

The comments and profile of Twitter’s, Global Group Creative Director,  JAYANTA JENKINS.   

Jenkins has a successful and interesting career path taking him to Twitter’s in-house Creative Director.  He has worked with some of the most prestigious creative shops in the country, starting with The Martin Agency, Wieden+Kennedy, TBWA\Chiat\Day, Beats by Dr Dre and now Twitter. Mr. Jenkins discusses the striking power and relevancy of OOH.

Twitter was honored with the first Platinum OBIE Award, which was introduced in 2017 to recognize the top winner for OOH’s Obie.

Jayanta Jenkins will take the stage on Tuesday, May 8 in the late morning session between 11 AM and Noon at the JW Marriott’s, Lone Star Ball Room, for the GO2018 in Austin, Texas.

Click here for the conference schedule link.




JAYANTA JENKINS, Global Group Creative Director at Twitter


What are your general thoughts on the OOH medium and how it’s utilized at Twitter?

I’ve always been struck by how powerful the OOH medium is to deliver simple but iconic messages. I’ve been at agencies and among leaders who use the medium in really powerful ways. For a tech company like Twitter to use this OOH, it just kind of tells you about the power of the medium. No matter how digital we’ve become, no matter how social we become, OOH is always going to be a very relevant way to connect with people in very immediate ways. At Twitter, I don’t think we ever had a purposeful strategy in that we said, “we’ve got to use OOH to do this or that.” OOH just happened to be the right medium for that platform, which is about connecting with people to remind them of the conversations happening on the platform and around the world. In the end, OOH has been and will continue to be an important medium, which definitely holds for Twitter as well.


Without giving away too much, can you offer a bit of a preview of what you plan to share with the audience at GO2018?

When brands try really hard to be cool, they end up missing the boat and wind up being not cool at all. But, when they’re being true to themselves and being authentic, that’s when brands transcend the notion of trying to be relevant. The more we tap into our authentic selves as a brand, as a person, as a community and as a culture, that’s when special things happen. I plan to share something at the conference that reflects this kind of a cultural conversation around authenticity and transcending “cool.”


As you were judging OBIE entrants, was there anything generally that surprised you or stood out among the various campaigns?

There are quite a few brands that captured the medium in such a beautiful and relevant way that felt organic and took the conversation into the world in such an unexpected and very thoughtful way. I started to see things with the other judges that really connect in interesting ways and show the power of what’s possible and how brands and agencies can do things that are meaningful, authentic and relevant to get people’s attention.


Is there anything you’re hoping to learn and take away from your time at GO2018?

What I would love to get out of the conference is inspiration. These conferences are great for getting people together and sharing meaningful ideas. I have always loved OOH and I love simplicity. It was quite an honor to receive the highest award last year for the work that we’ve done for Twitter, work that was reflective of all the inspiration that happened before that moment. To be able to go into this environment and to be around people who want to do new and interesting things and take OOH to the next level will be wonderful.


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