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Trojan Brand Condoms and Advocates For Youth Take it OOH

Stick Your Chewing Gum for Sex Education

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72andSunny and Trojan


The Chewed Gum Wall with Trojan Brand

Last week in our Nation’s capitol,  Advocates for Youth and The Trojan Brand put together a “wall of chewed gum” on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. 

In an effort to counter abstinence-only-until-marriage programs, which has been rebranded as Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) programs, the message is, stop comparing youngsters who have had sex with chewed gum and similar shaming, inaccurate metaphors. “In some school programs, teachers shame sexually active students by holding up a piece of gum, chew it and ask if anyone wants the gum now – comparing them to a chewed piece of gum.” 

The message: ‘You are not chewed gum’.  Information is the best protection.  

The Outdoor guerrilla effort was to protest via ‘art’ and end the shamming messages prevalent for sex education.

Effective? Questionable. The wall appeared to be approximately 6 feet by 18 feet or there about.  How much more impressive if it were 14 x 48 feet? You know what I mean? 

Wait, there are not many 14x48s in DC — Under built OOH market and all. There are a large number of transit shelters in and outside the Beltway. And dare I say, a significant number open or unsold. A sharp OOH buyer could make quick work with the same creative campaign with shelters reaching many more schools and politicians, if that is the target.  Outdoor printers like Camel City and Independent’s Service could produce the materials which match or better ‘the wall’. 

72andSunny and Trojan, you can do better then the wall on the mall. 



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