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Then Was Then and Now is Now

When Lather-Free was Revolutionary ... and Sexy 

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Then Was Then and Now is Now
When a lather-free shave was revolutionary … and sexy

OOH …Here’s One Thing  

by Jim Johnsen, 
Managing Director, Johnsen, Fretty & Co LLC



As we approach another Thanksgiving and with it, in the blink of an eye another year comes to a close, I have to admit that, at least for me, time is not linear.  Each year blows by much faster than the last.  I know it’s just perception, but damn does it feel real.

Tony  Bennett release an album by the name of “If I Ruled the World: Songs For The Jet Set” on Columbia Records in 1965 by the name of “Then Was Then And Now is Now”.  How classic is that title!   Simple and too schmaltzy for my classic rock taste (if you are a fan of this era and not a Frank Sinatra sell out, Mel Torme is much more my taste), but all the same I think the message is right.

Then was then
And now is now
Don’t look back
You can’t look back somehow
Sweet was sweet
But not so bitter now
Then was then
And now is now
You forgive
And I will too
Let’s forget
Unhappy times we knew
We’ll come out
All shiny, bright and new
Then was then
And now is now
Now, now we can win
No matter what might have been
Now we can begin again
For then was then

And now is now.

YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Then Was Then And Now Is Now · Tony Bennett

So whats the key message?  The Walton’s on linear TV are not coming back anytime soon. The Waltons.  Housewives of Hollywood (or NY or Atlanta or where ever) is here to stay. I get it. We have to embrace where the world is now because its not going back.  But by God, do we need to throw all values and sense of basic wrong and right out the window?  Can’t we have fun, challenge authority and invent a new future that doesn’t drag us into the gutter?

In case you missed this in Ad Age this week: As Barbasol turns 100

Edgy, right? Fun? Yes.  Over the top, degrading, base, disgusting?  Probably not.  While each generation thinks it broke the glass on the prior one…newsflash, it didn’t.  So my hope for this Thanksgiving, is that we can all bring a little less shock value and a little more propriety.  We all enjoy turkey or vegan turkey the same, right?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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