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The Way You Get Photos Must Change

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Expected Growth in Your Work Day Productivity is the Telling Tale

In the most simple version, when you need a photo, you locate the photographer, you hire the photographer and your work is done.  But the climb of the exponential curve is a wicked ascent as you go from 1 job to 2 jobs to 4 jobs to 8.  At a certain point, your day is consumed by hiring and managing the outcomes of all these photographers.

Your productivity is imploded by the same exponential growth you hope to employ for your success, not be a victim of it.   Thus, industries must change to support your needs and you must have solutions which add to your ability to thrive.

The basic element of your photography needs is Ease.  Yes, price, quality and speed all matter, but the consumption of your resources is the telling tale as to how you will or will not succeed based on the time you have and the triage of choosing what can be done with your most valued resource.

Your most valued resource is of course, you.  This brings us to prioritizing your time via the   Priority Quadrant.  This is a matrix used to evaluate the work you do.

The takeaway is you work through Quad 1 so you can accomplish your tasks in Quad 2.  You should simply minimize doing Quad 3 and 4.  If you find that your day involves a lot of 3 and 4, you are largely an ineffective employee.

This is why the way you get photographs is changing.  You must shift the time you are allowing photography to monopolize your urgent-must-do timeline so you can move on to the important things you really need to accomplish.

Ease is the commodity that is now being traded in today’s marketplace because it allows you to expand your accomplishments.  FotoFetch is a tool you can use to maximize your productivity.  Increase your productivity by seeing how an enterprise photography business can work for you.

FotoFetch is your enterprise resource solution to photography.   Combining technology and evolving commercial photography solutions FotoFetch serves industries as an on-demand photography source for anywhere in the world.


Gary Bamesberger is a Co-Founder of FotoFetch.



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