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The Sultans of Swing –OOH …Here’s One Thing

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OOH …Here’s One Thing

In the Air Tonight


by Jim Johnsen,
Managing Director,  Johnsen, Fretty & Company

They say everyone should take a few moments out to give thanks during Thanksgiving.  Hope you have yours queued up. 

Here are mine:

  1. Thankful that I didn’t pursue a career in radio, despite what the smarty pants private equity guys were saying in the mid 90s.
  2. Thankful for all the friends I have met and gotten to know in the outdoor advertising business.  Not sure if it’s that way in any industry, as I have only known this one, but I do know in this industry, there are some justifiably great people out there.  Smart, entrepreneurial, hard working, straight forward, loving and funny.
  3. Thankful that I have gotten to know most of the interstate system across the U.S. and personally visit a whole bunch of it.    For a fascinating listen, here you go:  American Highways and Roadside Attractions : NPR
  4. Thankful for technology.  Unlike almost every other industry out there, technology has been our incredible friend.  Whether its engineering and metallurgy, large format printing, wireless communication, LEDs, geolocation, digital screen proliferation, data analytics and a bunch of stuff I can not spell, its all enhanced the industry, not replaced it.
  5. Thankful to be an American.  Not a democrat or a republican, just an American.  Lest we forget, we are still the best country on the planet, or at minimum the best of the worst.
  6. Thankful for the Sultans of Swing.  One of the best songs ever created!

“You get a shiver in the dark, it’s raining in the park, but meantime
South of the river, you stop and you hold everything
A band is blowing Dixie, double-four time
You feel alright when you hear that music ring”

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your loved ones.



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