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The Skinny on 3-D Digital Billboards

With Joni Schmeichel, Daktronics

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What about 3-D digital billboards?

We contacted Daktronics’ OOH Strategic Marketing Mgr., Joni Schmeichel  for her expertise on the subject.

Joni Scheimechel

Here are excerpts from our Q & A. 

bill board—Do these really provide a 3D like image? Or is it a very limited viewing area where this creative actually looks 3D or none at all?
Joni Schmeichel —Yes, it is not created the same as regular two-dimensional content. It is created for a very specific viewing angle to perceive the 3D effect. Originally, when Daktronics first created such content, we called it “forced perspective” content to really signify the location of the viewer is critical.  First reported by OOH Today in May 2021, Creating Immersive 3D Experiences via Digital  Billboards, 

Piccadilly Lights Ocean Outdoor

bb—If limited, how limited from distance to sign AND radius of or degree from front?
JS—Depends on the display and content, but there will be one strategically designated vantage point at a specific distance for the best experience. Distance depends on the pixel pitch of each display and can be as close as a few meters for narrow pixel pitch technology in a board room or other indoor setting, or as many as 10 meters or more in an outdoor, billboard setting. Likewise, the radius of off-angle viewing will rely on the displays’ size, shape and pixel pitch technology as well.

bb—Does the type of sign matter or it’s physical properties?
It can be done for almost any type of display. But having a three-dimensional display or group of displays is very helpful to achieving this goal.

bb—Is it strictly a software and art function?
JS—The software/art function is the most critical component of this experience.

bb—Does the size of the sign matter?
JS—Not usually. Existing technology is capable of showing this. Those installed in the past 6 months or those installed 5-10 years ago can still make this happen as long as the displays shows a clear image and color reproduction is good, the technology can support it. It then comes to the correct creative elements to make it work and deliver the intended experience.

bb—How much attention do you receive from potential buyers for this?  Or from those who already bought?
JS—Our in-house Creative Services team receives anywhere from 5-10 requests per month for 3D content. Keep in mind we offer these services for all of Daktronics customers,  professional sports, live events, OOH, airports, retail, etc. It is a growing trend.

bb—Could this be successfully executed with a 12×25 or 14×48?
JS—Yes, if the content is created correctly, the experience can be enjoyed from the correct vantage point and the regulatory environment allows it.

Here are some examples:

Thanks to Joni Schmeichel, of Daktronics, who contributed to the Q&A.

Joni Schmeichel
phone: 605-692-0200
email: Joni.Schmeichel@daktronics.com

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