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The Power of Positive feedback and 3-Run Homer —Yes, there’s a billboard in the story too

Batting 8th CURTAIN CALL! Watch the video!

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Here’s a great feel good story told by Ira Somers,Content/Copywriter leveraging AI tools | Storyteller | Father of hundreds; hoping for thousands. Penguin Strategies.

Ira Somers

Positive feedback is so powerful–whether at home, in the office. . . or on the baseball diamond.

Philadelphia Phillies shortstop, Trea Turner, was in a nearly month-long batting slump.

In Philly, slumps are not received very well by some of the world’s smartest and greatest fans.

When Trea returned with the Phillies to their home stadium the other night, he learned he’d been demoted in the batting order. Now he was batting 8th, next to the bottom. That can’t be good for #confidence.

But each time he came to the plate, the fans did not boo. They gave him a standing ovation.

Then, ⅔ through the game, Trea came to the plate again, and again the fans were on their feet cheering him out of his slump.

You can see on his face the ovation had an effect.

It had to have boosted his confidence, too.

With a stadium full of noise fueling him, Turner stepped into the batter’s box and held back smiling (imo).

Then came the first pitch.

Trea sent it flying. Deep, deep, deep over the left field wall. It was a 3-run home run.

You can’t ask for more than that.

The next day, Trea paid for billboards all over Philadelphia to thank the fans.

A little positive feedback can make a world of difference.

Watch the moment and make sure to stay the length of the video for the emotional curtain call:

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