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The Mediums and Possibilities Are Endless

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As I review the myriad of photos each week of our clients’ work, I am amazed how robust this OOH industry has become since I started my OOH career forty years ago.


It was, of course, a simpler time back then. It was a time before digital, when Vinyl was found on the roofs of cars passing by our billboards, not on the billboards themselves. Bulletins or “paints” as we called them were literally hand-painted or printed on a number of panels and assembled on-site.  

Posters were silkscreened on heavy sheets of paper and posted together with thick wheat paste on plywood. Included on the list with the same rudimentary materials and installation were bus and subway posters with some bus benches thrown in the mix…those were about the only  mediums in the public space. With this perspective of the not-that-distant old, you can see how OOH is on a rocket ship headed into space…literally these days.  Our combined OOH mediums old and new are becoming a burgeoning media powerhouse filling the void that was once held by the now nearly nonexistent print and hemorrhaging broadcast industry. 

The new world of social media is embracing our OOH mediums. If you haven’t read or were told about the recent OAAA / Harris poll regarding consumer insights, social media users are frequently noticing OOH ads accounting for the multiplication of ad impressions that would have been impossible to achieve with just a billboard alone. My take on that report is how paramount it is to get great photos on a timely basis for clients who in turn post on their social media.  We as vendors and employees also need to post these images on our own social media. The more images posted the higher the likelihood that influencers notice and continue to call attention to our industry.


As I have said before, OOH is a visual industry, great photography and images of our client’s campaigns only help us move closer to the dominance we deserve. 

by Steve Lind, Chief Evangelist
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