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The Inspired Company to Advertise on Rutgers Bus System

MSS Media New Client Partnership

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MSS Media, Inc. is partnering with The Inspired Company for a geo-targeted transit advertising campaign. The Miami-based media and PR agency will provide media buy and placement services for the New Jersey/New York City-based benefit corporation’s upcoming ad campaign, as they work to raise awareness of a new app they’re launching to destigmatize mental health, eliminate roadblocks to get help, and provide access to care.

Therapute is designed to deliver access to therapy, life coaching, psychiatry, counseling, mentorship, and more. The app helps users manage their search, schedule, and payment. It also offers a full-stack platform for professionals to manage their private practice in one place.

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By placing signs on the Rutgers University bus fleet (Rutgers Bus System), MSS Media, Inc. is helping The Inspired Company reach almost 80,000 daily bus riders with compelling and informative advertisements. The campus media campaign is designed to increase awareness of the new app, generate repeat exposure, and influence multiple target audiences while maximizing return on ad spend.

MSS Media, Inc., which specializes in education, government, real estate, and lifestyle marketing, has years of experience successfully providing campus and transit media design, purchase, placement, and management services. The firm’s past and current clients include Greystar, Lyft, Spotify, John Hopkins University, Florida State University, the University of Houston, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Marines, the U.S. Army, the Army National Guard, and the U.S Census Bureau.

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