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The BLKBX Project

let teens know they are not alone

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This word from the BLKBX Project.

The BLKBX Project was conceived by Grace Gaustad, a 19-year-old recording artist, who was deeply affected by bullying during her teen years – to help teens in crisis and provide a safe place and tools to heal, assuring teens they are not alone. Grace shares more here.

Bullying, depression, anxiety…as a culture and society, we have reached a critical tipping point.

The BLKBX Project considers the human heart and brain as their own individual black boxes, storing countless moments in time that define us whether or not we remember them.

Help us in our mission to provide a safe place for young people to access resources and support, on their own, and in their own time by by posting these creatives in your area to let teens know they are not alone

We will provide you with the units/files in the size you need for any available donated space you may have.

CLICK HERE to review and access OOH assets
Questions? Please contact us at lauren@boombroadcast.com or at 908-301-0819.
Visit BLKBX Project for more information!

Campaign is sponsored by 501C3 nonprofit partner Entertainment Industry Foundation

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