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The Billboard Taunt, Deux

Be Careful Poking the Bear

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Fun Guy or King of The North?

The Billboard Taunt

From the Twitter pages of @barstoolsports, you saw it in OOH Today first in our post last Saturday of the best OOH creative in OOH Last Week Today.

OAAA’s  Ken Klein, Executive Vice President of Government Affairs, who has represented our industry with Congress for the last 18 years, penned a post extending the story,  ‘Billboard Taunt: Can New Balance Push the NBA Champs Off Balance?’

Klein’s post featured in Advertising Weeks 360.com, the same billboard of the Toronto Raptors star Kawhi Leonard’s shoe sponsor, New Balance, placing the ‘billboard taunt’ immediately adjacent the Golden State Warriors home court. Klein adds a few more gems of similar OOH well worth the look.

By the way, the Warriors tied the NBA Championship series even at 1 game each Sunday night in Toronto.  Game 3, in the best of 7 series, is in Oakland tomorrow.

Can the New Balance Billboard, featuring the ‘King of the North’ help the Raptors swiftly rob the Warriors?
(The dinosaur “Velociraptor” actually means “swift robber” in Latin)

We’ll see how the defending Champions Golden State, respond to the King of the North’s OOH taunt.
Better bring a lot of Dragonglass.

Be careful poking the bear, err… Warrior.




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