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“The Big Gay Bus”

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A Big Gay Bus Riding Around Toronto

In recognition of Pride Month, one of the Toronto’s Transit buses has been wrapped and designated
“The Big Gay Bus.”  Mary Ventresca, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development at Pattison Outdoor Advertising, shared the following about the campaign.

“The client’s strategy of wrapping a bus with this LGBTQ+ message rather than a streetcar specifically because it will go into areas beyond the downtown. This strategy emphasizes how transit truly covers all corners of a city.”

Mary Ventresca


Mary Ventresca, Vice President,
Marketing & Business Development
at Pattison Outdoor Advertising




The OOH transit was produced by LoveisLoveisLove, a Toronto-based LGBTQ+ advocacy campaign.

“We’re hoping that Toronto’s Big Gay Bus can help instigate change in neighborhoods where support for LGBTQ+ issues may not be on par with what we see downtown,” said Adam Zivo, director and founder of the LoveisLoveisLove project.

The bus began on June 14 and is slated to run five weeks. The interior bus cards display content about the LGBTQ+ community answering questions people may not feel comfortable asking.
Questions such as “What’s the difference between sex and gender?” and “Is being a drag queen and transgender the same thing?”

“Most LGBTQ+ programming is based in the downtown core, which is great, but one of the goals of this project is to go beyond the core and remind people that our suburban neighborhoods matter and deserve engagement,”  added Zivo.


interior bus card with questions and answers on LGBTQ+




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  1. Patsy says

    Amazing! A big round of applause 👏

  2. Bill Board says

    Yes it is a pretty cool activation in Toronto with Pattison. Thanks for commenting.

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