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The Big 3’s Chief Revenue Officers: Discuss More than the Financial Future of OOH— 40 Minute Video

Mark Boidman's Bullish 9 to 16% Growth Outlook for OOH

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screen shot of the 15 minute point of the Webinar

McCuin, Miller, and Punter Discuss More than
the Financial Future of OOH

Don’t be distracted by the long official title below. It is an interesting webinar worth listening to.  We have the recording/video link below, for viewing at your convince. 

Screen shot of the 33 minute mark of the webinar -all smiles

Fiscal Outlook w/ Top Media Analyst & Industry CROs Considering the Financial Future of OOH  


The OAAA hosted a webinar yesterday with the Big 3 respective Chief Revenue Officers and investment professional from PJ Solomon, Mark Boidman. We promoted it yesterday here⇒  Fiscal Outlook FF of OOH.  The webinar was presented in two parts, the first third, a presentation by Boidman and the final two thirds, the Big 3 CRO’s discussion.

The total program ran 60 minutes.  If you know Mark Boidman or have heard him speak in the past, he is the most bullish person in the room who does not actually sell OOH space. Boidman shared slides loaded with data points and a wonderfully positive outlook on OOH’s future. Notable was his forecast, suggesting, as ‘the billboard audience is clearly back’, a ‘9 to 16% OOH growth projection for 2021’ (Check out John Miller’s reaction to that comment when it is his turn to discuss).

If you are seeking feel good, positive OOH affirmations going into the weekend, (and who isn’t!) listen to the first 20 minutes of the video which is Mark Boidman’s time. Or take your own lead, pour a drink and move to the 20 minute point for the 3 CRO’s;  Bob McCuin (CCO), John Miller (Lamar) and Clive Punter (Outfront).

Fortunately, the 3 CRO’s did not just address the financial future of OOH.

Miller, McCuin and Punter provided thoughtful insights, shared humility, honest vulnerability and to the degree that officers or top management of public held companies are permitted, served up refreshing comments, with minimal standard rhetoric we are often fed from those corporate levels.

If you are in the OOH Industry, this is well worth 40 minutes of your attention.

Here are just a few of the questions, paraphrased by OOH Today, they responded to from the very capable moderator, OAAA’s Stephen Freitas.

  • What concerns, cautions or are they feeling shaky about going forward?
  • What are they most optimistic about?
  • What have they learned from Covid crisis? 
  • How has Covid improved their company? Hear Clive Punter’s comments on programmatic here.
  • When will we return to pre-pandemic levels of growth?
  • Everyone’s favorite question; What is the future of OOH revenues?

Enjoy the webinar. Thank you OAAA and Stephen Freitas for hosting and providing the recording for the entire Industry to share.

The link to access it is here ⇒Fiscal Outlook w/ Top Media Analyst & Industry CROs Considering the Financial Future of OOH  Or click the arrow below⇓



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