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The 2018 Grand Clio Award Winner for Out of Home

You Gotta See This —The International Winner for OOH

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Edeka Wins in OOH!

The 2018 Clio Awards were held in New York City on Wednesday night.

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The winner of the Grand Clio in Out of Home is Edeka, for “The Most German Supermarket”.  The Agency was Jung von Matt.  The ‘OOH’ can be seen via the video below.


I am totally perplexed. The description Clio provides of ‘recognizing work that pushes boundaries and establishes new precedent’, is the only thing I do understand.  The boundary of my brain’s imagination has been extended beyond its limits.  What do you think about this #OOH creative winner?

The 2018 Grand Clio Award for Out-of-Home

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The Clio
 website defines “The Clio Awards is the esteemed international awards competition for the creative business. Founded in 1959 to celebrate high achievement in advertising, the Clios annually and throughout the year recognize the work, the agencies and the talent that push boundaries and establish new precedent.”




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