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T72 Club Acquires Nickelytics

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T72 Club Inc, Announces Strategic Acquisition of Nickelytics 

T72 Club Inc., a renowned firm specializing in acquiring high-performing businesses, proudly announces its strategic acquisition of Nickelytics, a rapidly growing and innovative player in the ad tech industry. This move marks a significant step towards portfolio diversification and expansion for T72.

As a leading firm specializing in acquiring high-performing businesses, T72 focuses on acquiring organizations with a unique value proposition, high profit margins, and an annual recurring revenue (ARR) exceeding $1M. Nickelytics, with its groundbreaking advertising platform aimed at mobility services and a dedicated, collaborative team, perfectly fits this profile.

“The addition of Nickelytics to our portfolio represents our dedication to investing in companies that not only show significant financial potential, but also contribute unique, strategic value to their industries” stated, Rajendra Badadare Co-founder at T72. “Nickelytics’ innovative approach to out-of-home (OOH) advertising technology resonates with our vision for growth and diversification, and we are thrilled to welcome them onboard.”

T72’s leadership team brings extensive expertise and a wealth of experience to the table, with a combined exposure of over $5 billion in investments and more than 150 acquisitions. Drawing on their backgrounds in M&A, strategy development, and business transformation, several team members have held critical and senior roles in various Fortune 500 companies. Moreover, their ongoing involvement in operating a VC fund ensures that Nickelytics will receive the necessary support, leadership, experience, and resources to continue its upward trajectory in the ad tech industry. This collaboration is poised to yield substantial dividends, driven by the combined strengths and shared vision of both companies.

“We believe in the transformative potential of technology and its ability to unlock new opportunities. The integration of Nickelytics’ advanced advertising solutions is a testament to this belief, and we look forward to seeing our combined capabilities evolve to the next level” added Syed (Shah) Shahanawaz, Chief Executive Officer at T72.

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This acquisition represents a fusion of Nickelytics’ forward-thinking technology and T72’s strategic operational capabilities, presenting an exciting future brimming with possibilities. Both parties are well-positioned to leverage this opportunity for mutual growth and success.

“I am thrilled to announce that Nickelytics will become part of the T72 family. This milestone signifies a significant progression in our journey, recognizing the hard work we have dedicated thus far while setting the stage for continued growth,” stated Judah Longgrear, Co-Founder & CEO of Nickelytics. “As CEO, I am honored to uphold our company’s vision and values, and I look forward to leading our committed team as we push boundaries, foster growth, and maintain our unwavering dedication to quality.”

About T72 Club Inc
Club T72 Inc is a global enterprise with a niche in acquiring high-performing businesses, each displaying a distinctive value proposition, robust profit margins, and an annual recurring revenue (ARR) exceeding $1M. Our reach extends beyond mere acquisitions; we forge strategic partnerships with our portfolio companies, providing them with our seasoned operational expertise, capital resources, and an expansive network, all of which are aimed at aiding these companies on their upward trajectory. At T72 Inc, we’re not just investors, we’re partners in success.

Interesting facts about T72 Holdings and its Leadership team:

  • Combined leadership exposure of $5B+ investments and over 150+ acquisitions
  • Existing leadership team has the unique distinction of having led/served over 30+ Fortune 500 companies.
  • Collective experience of having worked in a Global environment (75+ Countries)
  • Successfully led 15+ start-ups to profitability and eventually to its deserving market recognition including selling one to publicly traded companies for $150 Million
  • 25+ years of experience working in specialized areas like Business Transformation, M&A’s, Strategy Development, Technology, Business Consulting and Operations Management.

For more information, please visit: https://t72.club

About Nickelytics
Nickelytics, a venture backed startup, is a platform that makes launching hyper-local out-of-home advertising as simple as posting online ads. Nickelytics brings together the physical presence of outdoor advertising with the power of digital technology for unbeatable results. Nickelytics leverages out-of-home advertisements through premium mobile assets, such as gig economy vehicles, autonomous delivery robots and e-scooters to help marketers reach customers regardless of location. Mobillity asset owners also receive another stream of revenue by partnering with marketers. With the help of Nickelytics’ analytics, companies can better comprehend their return on ad spend thanks to Nickelytics’ sophisticated attribution and digital retargeting capabilities. For more information, visit www.nickelytics.com.

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