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Snorkeldorf —the Detroit Billboard Everyone is Talking About

Legal Services was #1 in Detroit

0 2,947

Not so Fast, Facts

geekOUT —Fast Facts Friday

According to Kantar, there was more than $26M spent on advertising across channels in Detroit in the Legal Services category in 2017 (the last full year of reporting).

Out of the nearly 800 categories measured in the market, Legal Services was #1.
(#2 was Furniture Stores)

Across the US – people who spent more than $5,000 on legal services in the last 12 months are 18% more likely than the total population to say that
they’ve noticed OOH advertising in the last 30 days.

How’s your Legal Services portfolio or sales pipeline?  Are you getting your share of Legal $$?

Injured By Injury?
Spaceship Hit U?

What’s a Snorkeldorf?  You may not want to know. Be careful of the Urban Dictionary rendition.
Two Snorkelforf definitions: 1. Google and 2. Urban dictionary

Check out the story of the billboard, “Finally… A Billboard Worth Responding To.”

If you want to know more about legal service spend and similar fast facts in your market’s,
contact geekout@geopath.org

A Message from Geopath

OOH Today publisher’s notes: Further mystery added to the Snorkeldorf billboard, is it’s not really an attorney advertising but local Detroit musicians. The guy on the left is allegedly Jheremie Jaque from Zombie Jesus and the Chocolate Sunshine band and Blood Sledge Electric Death Chickens and the guy on the right is Mic Audio from the hip-hop duo The Stereo Boys. Jaque has been buying billboards for fun for years. He has observed the abundance of legal services OOH as well. He has moved to California and indicated he will buy more in LA.  Frankly, OOH Today does not know who to believe.  Any Detroiters have a story?



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