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Small budgets, big truths: getting your PSA seen

For messages with a mission, truck-side ads deliver

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Small budgets, big truths: getting your PSA seen


by Casey Binkley, CEO at Movia Media


These days, purpose-driven marketing is a meaningful way to grow your brand. However it doesn’t usually get the same share of budget as what is allocated for the selling of products. Then there’s the case of the not-for-profit’s, which need to make a big bang for their typically limited buck. In either case, brands and charities can put their dollars to more effective use through the power of creativity, contextualization, and nimbly targeted media such as truck-side ads.

Here are a few examples of PSAs that managed to break through using just those tools, starting with Movia’s recent campaigns for two important causes – food insecurity and sex trafficking.

A reason to pause…from a garbage truck – Dole

Working for Dole on this campaign was very important to me. In the United States, thirteen million children live in food insecure homes.  At the same time, we throw out 108 billion pounds of good food every year! As the largest food producer in the world, Dole wanted to show not just that they care about this issue, but that they’re doing something to help.  And so, the Dole Malnutrition campaign was born.

Source: Movia

In New York, Movia worked with Dole to create a PSA with strong contextual idea – using garbage trucks to bring the issues of food waste and malnutrition to light. The trucks featured mock nutrition labels with statistics on both these issues to highlight the parallels between the two. The campaign also directed people to City Harvest—New York City’s largest food rescue program, offering people a way they could help and showing how the brand was taking action. We’re proud to say the campaign went viral, spreading the message to people beyond the boundaries of New York. Check out Dole’s video to see more of this unique campaign.

Bringing the message where other media can’t YourCall Minnesota

Source: Movia

The average age of someone caught in the sex trafficking industry is only 13. With the third highest rate of child exploitation in the country, Minnesota is fighting this crisis head on.

YourCall is a public service campaign created in collaboration with the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA)-led MN Human Trafficking Investigators Task Force (MNHITF) and the Tribes United Against Sex Trafficking (TRUST) Task Force. Their mission: raising awareness about and increasing reporting of suspected human/sex trafficking in Minnesota.

This crisis is especially a problem for Indigenous communities.  When they wanted to raise awareness and educate people in these areas, YourCall ran into a challenge:  these Indigenous reserves were in remote areas where traditional media is not present. YourCall needed a creative solution. So, they reached out to Movia to create a mobile campaign that would bring the message to those that needed to see it most.

Source: Movia

For 52 weeks, three Movia mobile billboard trucks were placed around Bedmidji, Minnesota. The trucks included bold graphics and a strong call to action, as well as contact information where people could report suspected sex trafficking.  The campaign was a success. Our trucks helped raise awareness about an important issue and connected people with the resources they needed to help keep their community safe. Check out our YouTube video to learn more.

Source: Movia

Making the unthinkable real Red Cross

Finally, who could forget this visually-stunning Red Cross ad? As part of a disaster preparedness campaign, mobile digital billboard trucks were placed in areas around San Francisco, showing people what the very spot they were standing on would look like in the aftermath of an earthquake. Both visually arresting and undeniably relevant, the campaign used shock and emotion to help convince area residents to prepare for climate catastrophe.

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