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Show Me the Audience –Delivering During COVID

Filling the COVID Gap with Truck-Sides

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Show Me The Audience –
How truck-side ads are delivering during COVID

by Casey Binkley, Founder/CEO, Movia Media





Our daily behaviors aren’t what they used to be. The pandemic has caused a huge shift in lifestyles, and as a result, where consumers can be reached. This means marketers are having perhaps the biggest rethink of their advertising plans in history.

Enter truck-side advertising. Not a new idea, but with so many people staying at home, only going out for essential services and shopping online, it’s an increasingly popular one. Why? Because by strategically optimizing delivery routes, truck-side advertising can reach audiences in ways and places other forms of media can’t in this new reality.

Take for example the increase in online shopping. It means delivery trucks are busier than ever. In fact, a new survey conducted by Digital Commerce 360, shows that in the first half of 2020, consumer spending on shopping online in the U.S. has gone up by over 30% when compared to 2019 sales. As shopping shifts from major stores to online, the delivery routes of trucks have been modified. With less activity in downtown cores and on transit systems, trucks are focusing on reaching those at home in residential areas – which provides a terrific opportunity for showcasing OOH directly to people in the comfort of their homes.

Picture this, you’re walking through your neighborhood and notice a truck in a nearby driveway with an advertisement for Casper mattresses on the side of it. You think, “I could use a new mattress too”, and decide to check out the website from the truck-side ad. You also think, “my neighbor is getting one, and I think I saw another one around here last week – must be a great mattress!” Impressions like this are becoming more popular, making truck-side advertising a nimble and multi-faceted marking tool for those trying to reach at-home consumers.


The pandemic has also changed where people go when they do venture out. With many places having been in lockdown for the past few months, and only essential services open, movement patterns of consumers have shifted. After recognizing that places like the grocery store, the gas station, and the pharmacy are the new hotspots, marketers are using truck-side ads to reach consumers in the most high volume traffic areas, strategically choosing the places most relevant to their brand and message.


Being able to strategically choose specific delivery routes to match the changing lifestyles of consumers can make truck-side advertising an incredibly efficient medium during these odd times. While some forms of advertising are finding it difficult to adapt to such huge shifts in behavior, residential truck-side ads are thriving because of their flexibility, ability to target narrow audiences, and capacity to go where people go.

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