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She Blinded Me with Science

OOH …Here’s One Thing  —Jim Johnsen

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OOH …Here’s One Thing  


by Jim Johnsen,
Managing Director, Johnsen, Fretty & Company



She Blinded Me with Science


Happy back to work day, post memorial day weekend.  Not sure about you, but I never thought I would be so excited to get into the office, and by that I mean the real one.  After 70 days in the “home” office, I am grinning from ear to ear as I drive to my place of work.  Hope you are having the same experience today.  

Speaking of getting back to normal, someone turned me on to a podcast this past weekend which was pretty darn thought provoking. It was an interview with Dr. Zach Bush, MD (zachbushmd.com).

Okay, before you dig in, here is the warning.  At times he is radical.  And at times he sounds a little woo woo.  But then again he is coming in from Oahu, HI.  So you may really dig it, or you may get 4 minutes in and say, wow Johnsen, this guy is smoking some serious maui wowie and you must be out there too.  

Without further ado here it is:  https://youtu.be/jlbTadxD_sA

I personally think its a good jolt and worth the time.  If you are time starved (who isn’t) fast forward to 1:15 and give it a listen.  Plot killer.  He goes pretty deep at that point.  If you want more inducement before you make the investment, here are the crib notes:


  1. Covid-19 is gone by the summer of 2021, without a vaccine.  It is futile to chase a vaccine.  How do we know that?  Look at SARS and MERS.  


  1. Viruses have been an integral part of our universe from the beginning of time.  That does not make them bad.  How do we know that Covid-19 is even “new”.  


  1. The average person has 30,000 species of bacteria in its body at any given time.  (And 1.4 quadrillion bacteria on the human body at any given time).  Its a delicate ballet of biodiversity that is easily thrown off kilter.


  1. Unfortunately, given the toxicity running through modern society, most of us are missing 90% of that biodiversity that keeps us healthy.


  1. As humankind, our health is now cataclysmic.


  1. 52% of all children now have some form of chronic disease.


  1. $3.7 trillion health care industry that can’t keep up with pace of increase in chronic disease (in the U.S. alone).  And the U.S. is 46th on list of healthy countries.  


  1. If we want to study viruses, we should study pig shit.  As a result of the use of massive antibiotics in the pork industry, pig shit is now hazardous waste and can not be dumped in the ground or transported across state lines.  It sits in quarantined ditches and continues to mutate viruses.  (Bacon anyone?)


  1. The corona virus is not killing us.  Let me say that again.   The corona virus in not killing us.  It is simply unmasking the toxicity in our man made environment.  


  1. A patient’s exposure to air pollution is one of the key determinants to whether the virus will be fatal in that person or not.  


  1. We are treating patients with the virus all wrong.  Patients present with a form of significant altitude exposure.  They have diminished oxygen levels and as a result their organs are shutting down.  But jamming more oxygen in their lungs is not doing anything, because their hemoglobin is not taking the additional oxygen.  Respirators are fruitless!  


  1. Like we would treat a patient with cyanide poisoning, we need to treat a corona virus patient.  We need to give them medicine that changes the shape of their hemoglobin.  Hint…cyanide from pollution could be the culprit!  


  1. Lock downs don’t work and are stupid.  Airflows around the planet whether we are locked down or not.  The virus binds to air pollution and flows freely.  


  1. Stopping car travel during an outbreak would be more effective than a lock down.  Yikes outdoor industry!  


  1. My favorite:  The flu season has existed since the beginning of time.  Leaves fall off trees, the planet’s oxygen levels drop, CO2 goes up and humans are more susceptible during this period of late October to February.


  1. Had we taken China’s advice at the beginning of the outbreak and taken our population of ace inhibitors and statins, we could have saved thousands of lives.  


  1. The flu vaccine we took last year actually made us more susceptible to corona virus:  it wiped out our transverse immunity.


  1. It’s a travesty that people are dying alone.  It’s a crime against humanity.  Marines are taught to never leave a soldier on the battlefield, no matter what.  Dying alone is worse than incoming rocket fire, tearing apart the very fiber of what it means to be human.  


  1. Let’s start celebrating life and stop fearing death.

Have I hooked you yet?  


(Good heavens Miss Sakamoto – you’re beautiful!)
I don’t believe it!
There she goes again!
She’s tidied up, and I can’t find anything!
All my tubes and wires
And careful notes
And antiquated notions

But! – it’s poetry in motion
And when she turned her eyes to me
As deep as any ocean
As sweet as any harmony
Mmm – she blinded me with science
(She blinded me with science!)
She blinded me with

(Thomas Dolby – She Blinded Me with Science)


Jim Johnsen


Securities transacted through StillPoint Capital Member firm FINRA/SiPC


The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed belong solely to the author, and not necessarily OOH Today 


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