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Revenue Increases over 60% by Sensory Interactive Delivering an Immersive Brand Experience on NYC’s 42nd Street

the largest LED advertising display outside of Times Square

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Sensory Interactive increases revenue by over 60%
delivering an immersive brand experience
on New York’s
42nd Street

New York, NY – September 20, 2021

Sensory Interactive, a Washington, DC based real estate advisor that integrates technology and real estate to deliver untapped value, successfully designed, implemented, and launched an immersive branded experience at Tishman’s E Walk Retail complex on New York’s 42nd Street.

As part of a larger effort to redevelop E Walk, Sensory Interactive developed a masterplan for digital signage across the complex’s exterior façade. E Walk’s previous displays featured several static billboards as well as a large corner LED display that featured off-premise advertising. Sensory Interactive’s masterplan replaced the existing displays with three focal points: a sign band promoting onsite retailers, an exclusive branding opportunity for Target, and the largest LED advertising display outside of Times Square.

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Target, an E Walk retail tenant as of Spring 2022, had previously purchased advertising display space in Times Square and was looking for way to expand their presence in conjunction with their new retail location. Sensory Interactive’s masterplan provided Target with a display opportunity that achieved exclusivity and brand dominance directly above their planned store entrance. Installation of the Target display begins September 2021 and will deliver in November 2021.

Sensory Interactive also negotiated a new advertising agreement with Out-of-Home Media company Big Outdoor for the corner of 42nd Street and 8th Avenue. Big Outdoor already owned and managed the newly completed LED display across 8th Avenue, creating a standout opportunity for brands to dominate the intersection with their presence by leveraging both displays in conversation with each other.

To showcase the amplified branding opportunity, Sensory Interactive led the development and management efforts of the largest LED display installation outside of Time Square. The display was custom fabricated and shipped from 2 overseas. The team successfully tracked and mitigated risks including Covid-19-related factory testing, shipping challenges, and delayed port access to unload the display equipment in New York. Sensory Interactive held daily touchpoints with shipping consultants to monitor the situation and plan the rest of the project accordingly.

The installation window was limited to just 60 days be tween the decommissioning and turnover of the legacy signs and the start of the new advertising agreement. Sensory Interactive faced the additional challenge of traffic patterns requiring they only work on the installation during evening hours. Sensory Interactive constructed portions of the display ahead of time and minimized the number of crane installation maneuvers necessary to complete the project. The project was delivered on time and on budget, delivering a 25% savings in installation time.

Sensory Interactive’s vision, execution, and ability to successfully negotiate maximum value through media agreements for multiple displays helped Tishman optimize the location, position, and impact of their display opportunity. Find out more about Sensory Interactive at sensoryInteractive.net

Partners: SNA Displays exclusively provided all digital displays at E Walk and North Shore Neon installed the LED display at the corner of 42nd Street and 8th Avenue.
Sensory Interactive is the industry leader in Dynamic Real Estate® digital media environments that connect technology, people, and place.

By shepherding world-class private and public organizations through vision, development, installation, and monetization, we ensure our client’s properties drive engagement and long-term results. Our award-winning team includes experienced architects, media planners, technologists, growth managers, designers, and project managers. Sensory Interactive has offices in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Dallas, New York, and Washington, DC.

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