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SellerCrowd For Salespeople —Real OOH Insiders Who Know

Amazon Fresh, CarGurus, Taco Bell —Pause and Proposals

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SellerCrowd (formerly known as Cohoot) is the invite-only anonymous forum for media salespeople. Hundreds of OOH sellers gather on SellerCrowd to share inside info about advertisers and agencies.

Discover the hottest topics from the past week here…

Heading to the Bell
@Issues Square provided some insight on Taco Bell. Typically OOH/DOOH is tied to franchise coverage. Read more in the Full Thread Here>>>

Seamless Grocery Shopping
Word is Talon’s west coast team has been placing buys for new store openings for the Amazon Fresh account. Full Thread Here>>>

Hitting the Pause
@Wood Santorini recently had a client indicate they are pausing all new partner exploration given the market circumstances. Has anyone else experienced this hesitancy recently too? Full Thread Here>>>

Waiting to Hear
It’s always nice to find out whether or not your proposal is still in consideration on a submittal. However, more often than not, there’s times where a proposal seems to have gone into a black hole and you’re left wondering what is happening despite numerous follow-ups for feedback. Our ‘Poll of the Week’ Q this week: How many times do you continue to follow up on a proposal submission for which you’ve never heard any feedback before assuming the opportunity is dead? 🗳️Cast your vote and join the discussion in the full thread here>>>

Do You Know?
Anyone know who has Don Ramon tequila? Full Thread Here>>>
Does Proof Advertising have any clients placing OOH outside of Texas Tourism? Full Thread Here>>>
Does anyone know who places the OOH (primarily airports) for United Airlines Visa Card? Full Thread Here>>>
Does anyone know who is placing CarGurus OOH? Direct or agency? Full Thread Here>>>
Does anyone know who handles Rivers Casino? Full Thread Here>>
Does anyone have a contact for OOH for Denny’s? Full Thread Here>>>

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