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SellerCrowd For Media Salespeople Sharing Breaking News About Brands And Agencies

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SellerCrowd is an anonymous community for media salespeople.
Hundreds of OOH sellers gather on SellerCrowd to share inside info about advertisers and agencies.

Discover some of the hottest topics being discussed by the crowd here…

On the Move
Several sellers are hearing Culver’s is on the move over to Hearts & Science from current agency Hiebing. No word yet on the exact transition timing, but it’s believed to be happening sometime in Q2. The crowd is also curious what this means for the Wilkins team and if they will be losing the account too. Full Thread Here>>>

Chasing Financial Decisions
@Issues Square has been told Mediahub/Rapport LA is no longer handling the DOOH/pDOOH for NerdWallet. Does anyone know which agency is? Full Thread Here>>>

So.. How’s it Going?
Is your company’s Q1 off to a slower start than anticipated? @Vail Mesa is curious to hear how many other fellow sellers are feeling it too. Join the conversation & cast your vote. Full Thread Here>>>

Getting to Know Your Prospects
An engaging call or virtual meeting with a potential prospect, which hopefully leads to success, starts with a little bit of research beforehand to learn more about a prospect and their company. For this week’s ‘Poll of the Week’ Q, On average, how much time do you spend researching a client/prospect prior to reaching out to them? 🗳️Cast your vote. Full Thread Here>>>

Do You Know?
Anyone have a marketing contact for Gordon Food Service? Full Thread Here>>>
Does anyone know the OHH agency for The Criterion Channel? Full Thread Here>>>
Looking for best contacts for DOOH/pDOOH for Starbucks direct or agency. Also any word on activity for the new Starbucks-DoorDash partnership? Full Thread Here>>>
Does anyone know the OOH Buying Agency/contact for Southern California Gas? Full Thread Here>>>
Who buys OOH for University of Phoenix? Best contact? Full Thread Here>>>

SellerCrowd’s community of thousands of veteran ad sellers has been working together to share breaking news about brands and agencies since 2011. New to SellerCrowd? Sign up at SellerCrowd.com

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