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Seize the Oui’d

—Excess is Such a Subjective Thing

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photo of billboard ad for marijuana

Seize the Oui’d
—Excess is such a Subjective Thing

by JS, for OOH 

Let’s talk about cannabis advertising for a brief moment. 

It was not too long ago when OAAA EVP-Government Affairs Ken Klein wrote the very informative post on cannabis and OOH, citing “Billboards – as a medium of speech – will be central to this rich debate.”  Agreed rich in debate and rich in dollars for Outdoor Advertising Owners.  See the story by Ken Klein⇒Cannabis Debate Spotlights Billboards as Medium of Speech

Ken Klein, later suggested in a talk he gave at an OOH event regarding ‘cannabis ads in outdoor advertising’: “Excess is not your friend.”

a message from Wrapify

While excess could be a problem, I think it more prudent for the OOH media company to have their finger on the pulse of their local community. Know what is acceptable and what would get you into trouble locally, legally, and morally within your community. You don’t want to tip the scale where the local municipality will hold back permits and such because you aren’t being a good member of society.

Every OOH company is out there drumming up sales to give every member of their company a paycheck.  It’s not anyone’s role to say what business you should or should not accept, or how much of it. Every OOH company has a business to run and I have faith that you will make the right decisions. If you make the wrong decision, then most likely there will be consequences.

I certainly believe that the OAAA should let everyone know what is happening in Washington DC and what lawmakers frown upon. That’s great info to have in your hip pocket. When it comes to the local level, I’ll put my trust in the local #OOH media company to know what is and what is not acceptable.  Views from both the national and local community are healthy. Information is good.

In regard to cannabis, we should all share what has and hasn’t worked. What local push back did you receive and what did you do about it.  Let’s all learn from each other. So if the OAAA gets push back from DC folks, they’ll be better prepared to respond with facts and actions from the local OOH company and the local municipality.




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