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Rolling Stock Surges Post Covid

Prime Time Locations Without the Prime Time Price

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Rolling Stock Surges Post Covid


by Casey Binkley, CEO at Movia Media


Think back. Waaaay back…to those pandemic-free days when advertisers rolled out big-feeling, big-sized and big-budgeted campaigns in places like Times Square. With the onset of COVID-19, those days came to an abrupt halt, as people stayed home and brands recalibrated their OOH strategies.

However, recent mass-vaccinations have revealed a glimmer of hope in the service and entertainment industry, as people have gradually been embracing the joys of “going out.”

In the US states that are completely open, this means visiting cinemas, shopping malls, and restaurants. However, in the states which still need to observe some restrictions, this simply means people are excited to be outdoors again.

In either case, this has made room for rolling stock ads to prosper, since this medium has the ability to reach people while they are out and about. For example, viewers can be exposed to an ad for a considerable amount of time through in-train advertising, bus-side ads, taxi’s, and car tops. Even better, chances of noticing and recalling a message are enhanced right now, given the psychology that, after a year and half of staying inside, people are more receptive to and aware of their surroundings.

Of these mediums, mobile billboards have become increasingly effective for reaching people while they’re outside. With just one vehicle cruising around, advertisers have the potential of gaining 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day, and generating 2.5 times more attention than a static billboard. Ideally, a company would want as many larger-than-life billboards, covering multiple key locations, as their budget allows for. Instead of investing in an expensive static billboard, a more cost effective way to achieve this is with truck-side ads or Uber DOOH signs – which can travel through prime locations without the high price tag. Because of their mobile nature, ads travel from audience to audience, gathering impressions on every strategically- selected route.

As consumer behaviors continue to shift, depending on how the pandemic plays out, rolling stock advertising will continue to be a highly effective medium for advertisers. Even as more people become vaccinated and life slowly returns to normal, these ads will always have the ability to engage people at a competitive price. Additionally, with advancements in technology, things like truck-side ads and DOOH taxi signs will continue to be beneficial for advertisers who want to reach people wherever they go next – including Times Square and shopping malls, places that we’ve all missed for so long.

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