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Rick Robinson —OOH Media: Always Eager & At The Ready!

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OOH Media: Always Eager & At The Ready!


Partner/Chief Strategy Officer, Billups



OOH is 100% advertising. In our business, we deliver the stage. Literally. The medium is hardware. Physical, durable and forceful within the space it inhabits. There is never a doubt of purpose and place. Stand by, walk by or drive by – we exist to be seen and encountered – putting wind at the back of brand promises.

– OOH is a bold voice penetrating any audience segment.

OOH is here to serve when your brand is ready to take a stand. The medium is always up for the investment. Evergreen. In it with you. Manifesting moments of real estate both brief and permanent. Brick-and-mortar for D2C, a standing sentry for retail or the tip of the runway for product launches – OOH is a bold voice penetrating any audience segment.

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OOH is an exclamation, not an explanation! What’s old is new. OOH has delivered spectacle since the beginning of civilization. Leaning hard into 2021, the medium has embraced flexibility and accountability. This means swifter to market with smarter campaigns. The result of fusing tribal industry knowledge, creativity and technology – deploying speed and precision to ignite connections between brands and consumers. No editorial, no distractions, only the message.

OOH beats the spread. Place your bet. Trust in the people’s space. There’s nothing more powerful than concurrent visual moments experienced out on the streets. It’s where the public goes to live, meet up, exchange, connect and express themselves. From hyperlocal to programmatic to ego buys, blanketing a city or drilling down to the perfect street corner – OOH is what’s talked about. It’s attitude, it’s fundamental, it’s the swagger signaling a brand’s proof of life.


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