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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS —Location Traffic Metrics

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Location Traffic Metrics 



Our network of media owners emerged a few decades ago and combined efforts with common ties as Independent Billboard Operators (IBO), mostly from smaller rural and suburban markets.  Challenged by our size and access to resources, contacts and ideas, we created an organization whereby we helped each other out, not dissimilar to the old ways that our great country was born, by neighbors helping neighbors.

Over time we have grown to be a fun, innovative and influential group of business entrepreneurs and companies, centered around the world of marketing and exchanging ideas of technology, operations and sales.  IBO Marketing LLC (aka IBO COOP Marketing)  functions as the cooperative coordinator for a wide variety of interests, similar to the way that a rural electric coop functions.  We are a business structure that operates, however on a not for profit basis.

We have grown our Associate Companies to over 200 across the country with a marketing footprint of approximately 75,000 Out of Home (OOH) faces, including both static and digital inventory.  We have built an infrastructure to automate and simplify the buying of media with one call to our IBO HQ and deliver near real time pricing and availability for planners.


The recent advancements in technology and the speed of delivery of data have created some challenges for small and medium sized companies to fully understand and evaluate all the data nuances that may not be in their field of expertise.

Given the IBO Associate Company diversity in the size, location, culture, capitalization and business operation style presents a wide array of operational processes and an equally wide array of traffic related data use practices from the various cities, counties and states.  IBO wishes to explore the market to find a simple traffic related metric whereby the media owners and media buyers can benefit from accurate and affordable analytics and be delivered speedily from a central location, our IBO COOP Cloud Platform.  We are looking for a logical, consistent and affordable way to compare traffic counts of similar inventory, equally across the country that can be applied toward any location submitted to Provider.  Most simply stated and with a bit of tongue in cheek, we are looking for a solution that is “roughly equivalent to rubber snakes in the road that we can deploy 10,000 times fast”, as the IBOUSA General Manager Chris Cowlbeck loves to say.

Please note that this is different from audience measurement and not intended to be representative of who might have seen or did see an advertisement and this RFP specifically excludes any audience related components, rather simply counts. We would like to be able to look in reverse for historical comparisons and into the future for forecasting purposes.

Serving as the cooperative manager for these companies, we will look to existing solutions and authorities to help us evaluate services which we will either offer to our Associate Companies or endorse for their use.  As we distribute this RFP to the industry, we point to the announcement of our www.IBOUSA.org/Tech Endorsement on April 16, 2020, that we will offer Providers of services and data in the traffic, mobile and audience measurement areas that apply to OOH and that undertake the accreditation process of the decades old Media Rating Council of which IBOUSA is a member organization.  Details of this endorsement program can be found at www.IBOUSA.org/Tech Endorsement Details.


RFP details hereIBO Location Traffic Metrics RFP




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