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Renfroe Outdoor Takes on New Name

Verde Green

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Renfroe Outdoor Advertising (“Renfroe”) today announced it will be rebranding and changing its name to Verde Outdoor (pronounced ver-day). The name change comes as a natural progression in concluding the acquisition initiated by Verde Outdoor in late 2021. The rebrand unifies the companies under the Verde Outdoor name, making it easier for advertisers to identify products and teams across each of its nine markets throughout the Midwest and Mid- and South-Atlantic regions.

Dave Wood

“The Renfroe name is one that is well-respected and recognized throughout Georgia and South Carolina,” said Dave Wood, President and CEO of Verde Outdoor. “We are committed to continuing the Renfroe legacy with a refreshed focus on expansion under the Verde name. We have always been one company, one team, but this solidifies who we are and the value we provide to our advertisers.”

For nearly 45 years, Renfroe has been delivering impactful out-of-home (“OOH”) advertising solutions to advertisers across the coastal regions of Georgia and South Carolina. Founded by Charlie Renfroe in 1978, the company has since been led by the Renfroe family. Jed Renfroe, who has been with the company for over 30 years and currently serves as general manager, will remain at the helm under the new name.

Jed Renfroe

“We’re thrilled about the rebrand and how beneficial this will be for our clients,” said Jed Renfroe, General Manager of Renfroe Outdoor Advertising. “Not only will we continue providing billboards and strategic  advertising solutions in key locations, but now, with the power of Verde Outdoor, we can deliver even more reach and visibility. While our service, integrity, and team of market experts stays the same, the new name signifies our strength and commitment as a united force.”

As part of its rebrand, Renfroe will transition its online footprint to Verde Outdoor’s channels, including its social media platforms and website. Verde Outdoor’s website will incorporate Renfroe’s expansive billboard inventory and team contact information while also providing additional content and resources to advertisers looking to start their OOH campaign. Additionally, Renfroe will adopt Verde Outdoor’s logo and brand identity, and begin updating its billboard imprints, introducing Verde green to the Charleston and Savannah areas.

About Verde Outdoor
Verde Outdoor is a newly formed out-of-home (OOH) media company based out of Tempe, Arizona, and a growing addition to the family of companies owned by Ernest Garcia II, founder of DriveTime. Boasting a dedicated team of real estate, advertising, marketing, financial and legal professionals, Verde Outdoor is committed to providing effective outdoor media solutions and exceptional customer-centric service to local and national advertisers. Since its formation in 2021, Verde Outdoor has expanded its billboard network across nine states throughout the Midwest and Mid- and South-Atlantic regions, growing to among the top 25 largest out-of-home operators in the United States. Visit verdeoutdoor.com 

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