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Quan Gets Fully Grilled with Lastest OOH Campaign

Facing the 'Grillboard'

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Traeger Grills incorporates live animals into latest OOH campaign


Traeger Grills with Quan Media Group, is installing a billboard in Salt Lake City which integrates live animals into the design to communicate the superior benefits of all-natural, Farm-to-Table ingredients.  

Day 1

In a bold endorsement of Farm to Table, or in this case, “Farm to Traeger,” the billboard features a Traeger grill, and below the billboard is a miniature farm, complete with a chicken coop, barn, tractor, hay and soon-to-be Farm to Table ingredients for a delicious organic meal: a cow, pig, chickens and corn stalks.

Now here’s where things get interesting. Over time, each of the live elements of the miniature farm will be removed from the “live” farm installation and find their way onto the billboard…or more specifically, onto the grill. This will happen over a 5-day stretch beginning on May 18th until the “grillboard” is full of delicious farm-to-table, all natural ingredients.

See the remaining 4 day count down photos below of Quan’s fun new OOH campaign. 

Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5 Empty Farm to full Grill

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  1. Claude Dicks says

    Great Concept. Not Sure if OSHA would be too happy about the Install Process.

  2. Sharp eye Claude Dicks on the install.

  3. gideon adey says

    Really well executed OOH placement – Looks great.

    Not such a great ending for the stars of the show though!

  4. ah yes, tough for some to think about what happens to Porky, Chickaletta, Bessy Farm to Table, or Farm to Grill or Traeger.
    Fun campaign. Now if we can do more than a one off with this. I understand the headquarters for the company is near Salt Lake where the billboard was located.
    thank you Gideon.