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Provenzano Predicts the Future of OOH Growth

OOH Fueling Ad Growth

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Michael Provenzano Predicts
the Future of OOH Growth

Michael Provenzano’s (Vistar Media CEO) shared the following predictions about OOH fueling ad growth in the year ahead.

2020 expectations include: uptick in volume of new spend, more non-traditional OOH companies monetize digital screens, OOH is a trusted format by political arena and OOH is viewed as a safer and viable contender for digital dollars.

  1. With the rise of omnichannel DSPs and brands now including programmatic DOOH as an always on strategy with large scale budgets attached, we expect 2020 to see a sharp uptick in the volume of new spend flowing into OOH from other channels. This is primarily thanks to the tipping point of programmatic capabilities being widely adopted by publishers and more deeply integrated into existing omnichannel platforms.
  2. On the supply side, more and more “non-traditional” out-of-home companies are tapping into the opportunities to monetize their screens and, more importantly, their audiences. From vending machines (Vengo) to EV charging stations (Volta) to kiosks of all sorts (KeyMe) to gym equipment (Life Fitness), new types of hardware and service providers are incorporating OOH into their operations, while new types of venues, from sports entertainment facilities (TopGolf) to cannabis dispensaries (Enlightened), are connecting advertisers with their unique audiences.
  3. With the approaching political season casting further scrutiny on digital advertising, Consumers and voters alike are increasingly mistrusting any political ad seen on social platforms, including legitimate campaign messages. On the flip side, data shows that consumers highly “trust” OOH as a medium and view messages in OOH as reliable.
  4. Given the plethora of problems plaguing digital — like brand safety, fake news, ad blocking, viewability, fraudulent bot traffic — OOH is a safer option for brands and a viable contender for digital dollars. Brand marketers are increasingly shifting ad spend from digital as a result.




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  1. Mary Jo Pittera says

    Grateful to be part of the OOH world – what a difference a decade makes!

  2. Bill Board says

    As much as it is a fast changing time to be in the OOH Industry, it is an exciting time as well. Thank you for your comments and support Ms Pittera!