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Project X Delivers for Cashmere Fashion Brand —N.A.A.D.A.M.

An OOH campaign with Sales lift attributable to their Out of Home Media

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Spring 2022

Publisher’s Note:
We just love REAL success stories where OOH delivers sales lift. Sure all the other metrics are fine, yet at the end of the day, isn’t about delivering sales for the product? This is a strong one. 

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NAADAM Sees Sales Lift Attributable to OOH Investment
NAADAM, a premium, sustainable cashmere fashion brand, was looking to launch an out-of-home advertising spring test in April 2022, with campaign performance meant to provide learning and guide strategy for their larger multi-market fall 2022 effort. The campaign goal was to drive awareness, consideration and build adoption for NAADAM. The spring campaign results were clear and informative. Exposed consumers were 116% more likely to visit the Naadam website than unexposed users. Further, they were 350% more likely to convert once there. Additionally, tracking the specific impact of spring planning decisions provided a strong directional rationale for the fall follow up OOH campaign “PJX helped us from choosing the right plan for our budget and goals all the way through measurement after the campaign had ended.” stated Jamie Ramsey, Director of Performance Marketing at NAADAM.

NAADAM saw what every brand wants to see when they execute an OOH campaign – Sales lift attributable to their Out of Home Media investment. Check out NAADAM’s sales lift success story.

Fall 2022
Spring 2022















NAADAM goes straight to the source of the world’s best cashmere, Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, and works directly with herders to bring you high-quality, sustainable and unbelievably soft knitwear at prices that are fair for them — and for you.

About Project X

Based in New York, NY, Project X is the leading technology-driven Out-of-Home media agency. It partners with agencies and brands, providing them access to every format of OOH inventory (digital and traditional) across the US. The company’s combination of technology and data-enabled solutions provides marketers with greater transparency and speed in planning and executing their OOH media campaigns while helping guide them through the entire OOH advertising process — from audience-based planning, to production, proof of posting, reporting and more — providing a seamless and efficient experience.

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