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Pretzels and THE POP

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Shot by FotoFetch

stunning photos of OOH need to be our calling card

Flying back home from the recent industry conference, I was admittedly tired and contemplative as I observed the flight crew getting ready for their departure routine.  The yellow life vest, blowing into a tube, seat backs to their forward position, phones in airplane mode, and how to fasten a seatbelt? Doesn’t everyone on the planet know how to do that now?

For a moment, I caught a glimpse from my aisle seat of a smiling flight attendant up in first class serving pre-departure beverages. It was there I imagined myself in those wide roomy seats drinking a gin and tonic, feeling quite privileged.

I was suddenly brought back to reality with a tap on my shoulder to raise the tray table and wait patiently until we reached our scheduled elevation, maybe forty-five minutes later to receive my adult drink (for a fee) with a choice of pretzels or cookies.

It got me thinking about the anticipated growth our outdoor industry is seeking and what we will offer these new clients who will discover our OOH options. Will we be offering them standard pretzels (POP install, webcams waiting up to two weeks for some better photos ) or will we be striving together as an industry to up our game by offering those pre-departure beverages (superior photography, night photos, video drone footage, and social media timelines) treating our clients like first-class passengers? Yes, it will cost some extra money but so does the research on metrics and ROI.

Shot by FotoFetch

If we want growth and that more significant share of the media pie, shouldn’t we be willing to change our current standard “economy” routine?  One size does not fit all.  I applaud those who have given their clients first-class photo treatment; well done. Don’t get me wrong, research and ROI are essential for the growth of our industry but stunning photos of OOH need to be our calling card to get attention in the advertising world.

If you are offering economy pricing and services, you are missing out on a lot of revenue and if you are charging for first-class service, you had better be delivering.

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