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Predictions and Resolutions from a 1960’s Dinosaur

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I grew up watching B&W television, talking on a rotary telephone, and delivering newspapers on my Sting-Ray bike; I can consider myself something of a dinosaur. I might not be from the Mesozoic era but trust me, I definitely know about the counterculture of the 1960s. The older generation thought the end of the world was near back then…does that sound familiar these days?

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I was 32 years old before I owned a cell phone, not because my parents wouldn’t buy me one, but because they weren’t invented yet ! I have seen many things come and go, like Blockbuster, manual typewriters, and film processing. So I am getting pretty good at seeing trends, seeing how some people work hard and get nowhere and some work easy and fly forward. I’m a guy who got his start in this industry selling bench advertising back in the early 1980s. So what’s going to happen this year?

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Here are a few OOH predictions and resolutions.

● OOH will continue to grow as well as clients’ demands for better photo imagery of their
● Some OOH vendors will continue to push back on photo requests, supplying only
install or webcam photos, and disappointing clients.
● Vendors that supply great photography will enhance their media relationships, getting
more business and better rates.
● Good photography will continue to accompany OOH LinkedIn and Social media posts.
● Installers will continue to take lousy photos
● Sales and management teams will continue to squander their time taking client photos
instead of working to achieve budgets
● Photography will continue to be looked at as an expense instead of as an investment
● Local clients will continue to be looked upon as unworthy of a good glamour shot

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● Spend more time selling and less time listening to clients complaining about the lack
of good photos.
● Surprise your long term clients with some great photos of their billboard and creative.
● If you can’t afford to hire a photographer increase your margins so you can hire one,
like FotoFetch
● Maximize your OOH teams on what they do best which is not taking photos.

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My sense of seeing what has happened in 2022, this industry will only rocket ahead with more growth and media share. Metrics are important, but great imagery of our medium is what gets potential clients’ attention and keeping their attention will drive more OOH sales. In the end, some people work hard and slog, and some people work-easy and fly.

by Steve Lind, Chief Evangelist,  FotoFetch
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