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Paris Hilton to Sell Billboards in the Metaverse

Paris Hilton taps MilkMoney to bring virtual billboards to metaverse – revolutionizing OOH

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Los Angeles, CA – MilkMoney, the leading marketplace for out-of-home (OOH) media buying, announced that it has entered into an exclusive partnership with Paris Hilton to manage, operate and sell billboard advertisements in Paris World’s Metaverse on Roblox.  Debuting as part of Paris Hilton’s first-ever virtual fashion week within Paris World, the billboards will feature a campaign by global Fashion e-retailer boohoo, a longstanding partner of Hilton’s and one for which she was a former ambassador. After fashion week, the virtual billboards will then support a number of additional events taking place in Paris World where brand inventory will be sold.

Sam Keywanfa

“As the premiere marketplace for out-of-home advertising, we’ve been quick to identify impactful ways for brands to be seen,” said Sam Keywanfar, founder and CEO of MilkMoney. “As influencers like Paris Hilton continue to populate their respective worlds with unique experiences, MilkMoney will be the go-to destination for real world advertisers like boohoo, to discover and purchase billboards in the Metaverse.”

During the virtual fashion week, boohoo will run on several billboards around Paris World, including the two marque billboards at the front entrance.

Paris Hilton

“Billboards are a part of our everyday lives and it should be no different in the metaverse,” said Paris Hilton. “When I spoke to Sam and the MilkMoney team, it was clear they shared the same vision for what Paris World can offer and how to reach consumers and fans, and it’s awesome to be launching our first billboard campaign with boohoo, a brand I’ve always loved.”

This buy extends boohoo’s relationship with MilkMoney, who has secured OOH for the brand in the real world the past several years. It also marks boohoo’s first foray into the Metaverse and Fashion Week, a natural and strategic next step for the brand.

message by Movia Media
Christina McGonagle

“We’re very excited to be partnering with MilkMoney in a different capacity with this new, forward-thinking project,” said US director of Marketing, Christina McGonagle. “We’ve always found exciting opportunities through their site to grow our brand in the real world, but now this partnership gives us an incredible opportunity to grow the boohoo brand in the Metaverse and can reach audiences all over the world.”

For more information on how to access, please visit https://paris.mv

About MilkMoney
MilkMoney is a leading on-demand media buying marketplace connecting advertisers with a wide range of out-of-home (OOH) opportunities. Media owners make their inventory available for advertisers to easily browse, effectively plan, securely book and reliably track their campaign from start to finish. MilkMoney features over 400,000 traditional, non-traditional and experiential assets across the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Metaverse, including Bulletins, Transit, Airports, Malls, Theaters, Murals, Wrapped Vehicles, Projections, Blimps, Coffee Sleeves, Sky Writing and Drones.

About Paris World
The original influencer Paris Hilton has built her very own Roblox island. ‘Paris World’ on Roblox is positioned to become the leading always on persistent celebrity world in the metaverse.   Users are able to feed animals at the zoo, ride the Paris Wheel, play mini-games, stay at Paris’ mansion, drive her luxury cars, & much more!  The world is updated daily with new features including celebrity appearances, limited edition clothing drops, games, special events, & areas.

About the boohoo Group
Leading the fashion e-commerce market and founded in Manchester in 2006, the group started life as boohoo.com, an inclusive and innovative brand targeting young, value-orientated customers. For over 10 years, boohoo has been pushing boundaries to bring its customers up-to-date and inspirational fashion, 24/7. In early 2017, the group extended its customer offering through the acquisitions of the vibrant fashion brand PrettyLittleThing, and free-thinking brand Nasty Gal. United by a shared customer value proposition, our brands design, source, market and sell great quality clothes, shoes and accessories at unbeatable prices. The boohoo group has continued to further strengthen its multi brand platform, in 2019 the group acquired online womenswear retailer Miss Pap and UK brands Karen Millen and Coast. Today the boohoo group sells to over 8 million ever-growing customers globally.

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  1. Nancy says

    Were there more eye rolls or palm to face actions? Nothing like a female socialite that’s never been involved in OOH revolutionize the industry…

    Big 3, when you take the egg off your face, maybe step outside the box and start thinking of ways to expand your business before others take it over!

  2. Very insightful on your part. Do you believe the Big 3 understand the comments or care? Nancy thank you for the comment.

  3. Nancy says

    Maybe they will understand when money is no longer filling their pockets due to other’s innovative ideas. Do they care, probably not, too big of egos. Do they understand, they will when they are no longer top dog!

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