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OOH’s Top 6 Excuses Today, Why Junior Can’t Sell OOH

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Two List’s of Top 6 Excuses

by Brent Baer, Publisher, OOH Today

Continuing from yesterday regarding the importance of selling and OOH sales.
Because OOH Today firmly believes no matter what the next new shiny object is, the new holy grail or next great tech opportunity, at the end of the day someone has to sell it”. ¹

Not surprisingly, OOH sales have changed over the years. Listening to sales teams, managers and OOH thought leaders, I hear significantly different reasons why Sales are not where they should be.

Reasons or excuses, call them what one will, the OOH Today top notch research staff assembled two ‘lists of 6’ from what we have heard from the past and most recently, why OOH sales suffer today.

From a few year ago
The top 6 excuses why OOH sales people couldn’t make a sale in the past:

#6 We need better Proof of Performance
#5 Production takes too long
#4 Mapping doesn’t provide what the client wants, we need better mapping
#3 These are bad locations, all the good locations are gone
#2 Broadcast is killing us. We can’t compete with TV
#1 The rates are too high

Top 6 excuses why you can not make the #OOH sale today:

#6 ‘Digital Online is killing us. We can’t compete with the internet ad sales’
#5 ‘If we only had better reporting’
#4 ‘If we only had better measurement’
#3 ‘We need more/better research’
#2 le souper du jour; ‘If we only had MRC accreditation’

And the #1 reason why junior can’t sell OOH,

#1 ‘If only everyone bought into programmatic’ (anyone want to explain to me how programmatic has been around for at least the last 6+ years and we are not sold out or crushing revenues?) Yeah, I didn’t think so. Take a lap rookie!

What’s your excuse?

¹ Credit to Bob Wolfe of Outselling, Inc. with this quote. 

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