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OOH Special Report at IBOUSA— We Love It!

Privacy, Creativity, Transparency, and Autonomous Vehicles Addressed

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Nancy Fletcher, OAAA Overview— We Are Delighted  


Nancy Fletcher, Pres and CEO of OAAA,
spoke at the Independent Billboard Operators meeting in Columbus, OH.

We are delighted to hear the speech to the group by CEO Fletcher, covered critical content which OOH Today has been advocating as priorities to the Industry. Specifically, its reassuring to see we are getting traction and attention to some of the topics which we have been consistently raising like Privacy, The Explicit Value of CreativeTransparency, and our stance for greater resources to Autonomous Vehicles.

We certainly don’t pretend to own or claim ‘first in’ on those important issues to OOH, other than to point out, our persistence over the last 11 months of bringing them to greater light.  Kudo’s to Nancy and OAAA!

Read Nancy Fletcher’s comments here⇒An Overview of OOH and Technology

OOH Today Posts Advocating
Autonomous Vehicles⇒1.‘Weatherman of OOH’ 2.‘Autonomous Cars Grim Reaper’, 3.
Privacy⇒ 1. ‘New Rules for Privacy’     2.‘Using Cameras’3.’Will OOH Rules Cities Data’
Creative⇒ 1.‘Naked Power of OOH’   2. ‘Rules of OOH Creative’ 3. ‘OOH More than Square Space’
Transparency⇒ 1.‘The Big Lie’  2.‘Digital Place Based Has Explaining to Do’




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