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OOH Sales The Bottom Line

How to Quickly Become an Advertising Expert

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The Bottom Line

A quick chat with sales guru Tom Pilotti



William Board : Tom, you and I go back at least 20 years, how long have you been at it?

Tom Pilotti: It’s been a wild ride ! Going on 25 years. From the 3M National classroom of Rex Parnell,
to selling out digital locations in a week!

WB: What is your secret?

TP: It’s painfully simple, and most people who think they understand media sales continue to miss it by a mile. No one cares about empty space. They care about understanding how creative matches up with media format and a value proposition on how advertising can impact sales. Until you become an advertising expert, no one will pay attention to you. I teach my clients how to quickly become an advertising expert. When you offer great ideas in your marketplace, people will line up to buy them.

how to quickly become an advertising expert

WB :What are you up to lately?

TP: My inbox is like a slot machine! Day to day I never know what killer projects are going to present themselves ! The OOH sales and field training continues to be a passion of mine, as I have helped so many people “ get it “ over the years. I think Lamar VP sums it up really well…


Lamar VP sums it up

We are moving into acquiring OOH assets that are in need of attention all over the US, I manage digital space and continue in my role as a remote sales manager for OOH and transit plants. I have a boutique digital agency that specializes generation for various clients as well.

WB: What can we expect from you in the future?

TP: I am quietly working on a digital ad format that combines learning with entertainment which I believe will revolutionize the way we assimilate new information, as well as large-scale sales and motivational events.

WB : I know this is personal and hits close to home, but I know you have told me you are in recovery.

TP: Dang straight , going on 3 years, clean and sober. If not for God’s grace and mercy I would surely have been a goner. Addiction does not discriminate. I have a ministry project that helps folks who are homeless and in recovery as well as serve as Chairman of the Board of FatherCare Prayer Ministries! You can read my story here:


We all love OOH Today and recognize the incredible amount of work you put into this, and I am sure I speak for all of us, WE APPRECIATE YOU my friend!

a message from TomPilotti.com





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