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OOH Owner Today – Jarman Outdoor

Professional Outdoor Advertising in Eastern North Carolina since 2002

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OOH Owner Today – Jarman Outdoor

Professional Outdoor Advertising in Eastern North Carolina since 2002






Jarman Outdoor Advertising was started in 2002 with customer satisfaction as its #1 priority.  They take pride in the construction and upkeep of each and every advertising structure.
They currently have advertising in many eastern North Carolina markets and are expanding each year.  They strive to provide our customers with the most professional service in the business.  Jarman Outdoor customers are encouraged to become involved in the designing process of their graphics because we realize the importance our billboards have on their businesses.  They work hard to make sure our customers get the first class advertising they deserve.

Jarman Outdoor is always striving to improve their business. They have transitioned to high-performance dependable LED lighting to minimize our impact on the environment.  This technology offers the same lighting performance their customers require at a fraction of the energy used in the older HID fixtures.  In an effort to minimize paper waste, Jarman Outdoor has also moved to electronic invoicing (paperless).  This allows their customers to electronically store their invoices while still giving them the option of printing hard copies if they need them.

Chris Jarman is the founder and owner of Jarman Outdoor, and has been running the company for 18 years. We asked him to tell us more about his company. Here’s his responses.

Interview with Chris Jarman, Founder of Jarman Outdoor

Will Farmer: Why are you in the OOH business?

Chris Jarman: I kind of stumbled into the OOH business by accident while trying to come up with ways to help make payments for a house I was about to build.  One of those ideas was to put a billboard on family land to help with the new house payment.  After several months of making phone calls, I met with managers of a fast food chain that was coming to my hometown to show them the location and proposal. Not only did they accept my proposal on the spot, they asked if I wanted to do advertising for them on all roads coming into town.  So, I went from building one face to 5 structures in one short meeting!


WF: What is keeping you in it?

CJ: I like the freedom that operating an OOH plant gives me.  I went to work as an administrative manager for a textile company straight out of college.  After building the first 5 structures, I continued to build a few structures each year while still working in textiles.  I worked in that industry for 18 years before I made the decision to pursue OOH fulltime in 2016.  I made some lifelong friendships while working in textiles, but operating my own OOH plant gives me the ability to make my own schedule.  Don’t get me wrong, OOH can be stressful at times, but I can choose to be in the office one day and visiting with customers and landowners the next.   

WF: What is the greatest success or satisfaction you receive from owning OOH?

CJ: I chose Jarman Outdoor as my company name when I got started.  I take pride in seeing the “Jarman” shield on all my billboards and knowing my plant is respected in the community I live in.  I also enjoy being an integral part of helping others grown their businesses.  

WF: How do you obtain new business?

CJ: Jarman Outdoor primarily works directly with clients but does use ad agencies also.  We obtain new business through various mediums, which include:  Available vinyl on structures, direct mailers, social media, phone calls, emails and referrals.      

WF: Please share new business contact information.

CJ: Any client wanting information about our company, available billboards or land they think would be a good fit for a billboard can reach us in any of the following ways:  Use the Contact Us page on our website at www.JarmanOutdoor.com, email contact@jarmanoutdoor.com or message us on social media.

Website:  www.JarmanOutdoor.com
Company Size:  2-10 employees
Type: Privately Held
Founded:  2002
Email:  contact@jarmanoutdoor.com


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