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OOH Last Week Today —Read the Signs! —OOH Industry Needs to Swallow the Big Medicine Pill —Stay Home

Some OOH Messages Are More Effective Than Others —See Yours?

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Best OOH Creative
 Top #OOH Creative Coronavirus related Executions which came to our attention last week
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Out of Home Health Messages about Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus wrecks havoc on the world, the Outdoor advertising Industry is postering its support to fight the virus.  Countries around the world are telling citizens to stay at home in quarantine.  Arguably, OOH advertising campaigns seem redundant, especially considering the potential unsold space which exists and despite the fact no one is on the road, relative to the numbers who would generally driving or out of home. The messages can be effective reaching those few who are Out and persuasive through social media with those who are considering leaving their confines.

On one hand, I applaud those who displayed any messages, but we miss the opportunity with ‘wash your hands’ and ‘stay home, if you feel sick’.  It’s as though no one is paying attention to the pandemic characteristics of how the virus is spread. The best solution is to stay home. Understandably that is a big pill as an OOH owner to swallow.  We need to take our medicine and our message should be to stay home!  Our advice is unwavering. GO HOME! STAY HOME!  

Let’s look at what has come across our desk this week. 


  Reddit Co-founder, Alex Ohanian’s next two messages are clear and real.
This is effective creative for someone relatively new to OOH.
Ohanian is after all credited with inventing 1. ‘the front page of the internet’. Or one might say,
2. an internet world of billboards where anyone can tack a picture for people to discuss.

This is the first time we saw the ‘right’ message on the street.
Right’, in that it speaks to what people should be doing and what OOH Industry should be saying, even though it goes against what we are, namely, out of home. 

NYC Times Square digital. Ohanian follows the key rule of #OOH, 6 words or less.


Israeli outdoor media company Edri-8, using one of its digital billboards on a main Tel-Aviv highway, reads ‘You are not supposed to look at this billboard’  More isolation, less coronavirus‘. 

M&C Saatchi Tel Aviv is responsible for the creative.

Copy reads, “You are not supposed to look at this billboard” and “More isolation, less coronavirus.”


Premier Outdoor may be the first billboard we are aware of to hit the streets. Ahead of the curve.
Following simple creative rules of OOH starting with rule #1.  6 words or less.  3 words!


Lamar poster as part of the OAAA CDC.GOV/COVID19 prevention campaign.
12 words and minty colors.  Hummm


A billboard bought by Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia to prevent coronavirus which translates: Thanks for everyone who didn’t see this advertisement , stay at home.


More effective hand washing. 4 words.  Fairway bulletin.
Candidly, we do not recall where or how we came by this photo


LinkUK London phone kiosk washing hands.
A little more time with street furniture format a few more words are acceptable.


Reagan Outdoor recognizes the health professionals dedicating themselves to the fight. O.K.


baerboards, Charlottesville, Virginia (owned by same group as OOH Today) CFO shames OOH staff into putting money where his mouth or keyboard is.  





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