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OOH in Cohoot — 2019 Agency Family Tree

The Monster 2019 Agency Family Tree, Leads to 7 Eleven, Panda Express, AMC Theaters, Snap, Wells Fargo, Chase Bank and more

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OOH in Cohoot
—Agency Family Tree


Cohoot is the anonymous forum for media salespeople. Hundreds of sellers gather on Cohoot’s dedicated OOH channel to share inside info about advertisers and agencies.

We’ve surfaced some of Cohoot’s best OOH insights from this past week here…

“In-housing” – the giant killer?

Cohoot sellers began crowdsourcing the perceived threat level of ‘in-housing’ to large agencies this week. Some felt the threat wasn’t urgent. Others surmised small and boutique agencies to be the real threat to the big agency model. One thought-provoker suggested that the rise of programmatic tech could play a role by increasing the ease of moving in-house.    Full Thread Here>>>

Sellers be Selling

Whether you’re new to sales or a seasoned pro who just needs a refresher, sometimes it’s nice to have folks who will help with tactical suggestions and resources. Those kinds of threads develop often on Cohoot and we’ve pulled together a few from this week.

Cohoot rallied to share some help with writing introductory cold emails.
Full Thread Here>>>
How do you get your email opened? Sellers share their subject line ideas.

Full Thread Here>>>
Haven’t found the monster 2019 Agency Family Tree yet? Cohoot shares downloadable links. Full Thread Here>>>

Lead Wall

Entertainment Studios’ client direct contact   Full Thread Here>>>
AMC Theatres OOH buying runs through Barkley, KC   Full Thread Here>>>
Wells Fargo contact at OMG LA   Full Thread Here>>>
Facebook and Instagram lead at Kinetic LA   Full Thread Here>>>
Chase Bank OOH buying goes through Publicis   Full Thread Here>>>
SNAP comes out of OMG LA. Contact inside   Full Thread Here>>>
SmartWool contact and email at Backbone media   Full Thread Here>>>
7 Eleven’s OOH buying goes through Evergreen Trading    Full Thread Here>>>
Panda Express is doing OOH and their agency is Pal8  Full Thread Here>>>

Small Data

An independent billboard operator wondered how to best get audience data for their billboards. Our operator asked the crowd if a GeoPath audit was worth it. From a seller’s perspective, the answer comes down to location and competition. If you’re selling to local buyers with no big vendor competition then audience data probably isn’t needed. If you’re going up against big vendor competition for larger RFPs, then it’s probably time to invest in an audit.   Full Thread Here>>>

Do you know?

Who handles AMEX buying? We are lacking consensus.   Full Thread Here>>>
Which agencies are buying the most OOH in Kansas City?   Full Thread Here>>>
Are marketing layoffs at Uber impacting their marketing plans?   Full Thread Here>>>
Is Pei Wei placing their OOH direct?   Full Thread Here>>>


Want an invite to Cohoot?

​Cohoot is currently invite-only, but there are some invites reserved for salespeople working at OOH vendors. If you want to check your eligibility, go to Cohoot.com and see if your work email will unlock one of our reserved invites.

Or contact Bill Board at BillBoard@OOHToday.com and he may provide you with an invite code. 




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