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OOH Company Today – SignBird

Adding Valuable Content that Helps Sell Billboard Ad Space

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OOH Company Today – SignBird

Adding Valuable Content that Helps Sell Billboard Ad Space


by Will Farmer
OOH Today
Media and Communications Manager




SignBird is an out-of-home service company headquartered in Alabama. They utilize state-of-the-art photography, videography, and aerial drone technology to help sell ad space. Most outdoor advertising companies don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to produce content internally. To solve this, the SignBird team travels to your billboard location, operates an aerial drone, and edits content into what advertisers want to see. They deliver a finished product that you will be able to propose your inventory with.

SignBird currently offers three distinct services, Ride Sheet Design, Photography, and Videography.

We had the opportunity to speak with John James, founder and president for SignBird. He told us how SignBird plans to change the way out-of-home content is viewed. Here’s what he had to say:

Interview from John James, president at Signbird

Will Farmer: What is the single most important thing prospective customers should know about SignBird?

John James: SignBird serves the out-of-home industry by helping billboard companies produce high-quality content designed to help sell ad space and increase revenue.

WF: What are the pain points currently in how OOH is being proposed and how do you specifically improve upon them?

JJ: We believe there should be an industry-standard in the content that’s used to propose out-of-home. A common pain point used throughout the industry are the use of weak approach photos that are outdated, blurry, or taken with a cellphone. SignBird’s mission is to challenge and solve this problem in discovering ways to engage advertisers with fresh new out-of-home content.

WF: Is there audio in the video proposals provided to billboard companies?

JJ: Yes, we provide audio background music to add to each video.

WF: How is your method better than what a billboard company does themselves?  Costs?

JJ: I would ask sign owners to calculate the time taken out of their day to take photos/videos of their boards…are you taking the photos yourself? Have you tasked your salespeople to do that? If so, then who is selling your inventory? At SignBird, this is our specialty. We’re not just another production firm out there that you find down the street. You won’t have to spend time educating us on the OOH industry, because we’re IN the industry. Point us in the direction of your boards and we’ll take care of the rest.

WF: Do you work with agencies and advertisers directly?

JJ: Not currently no, but willing to explore opportunities should they come up.

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(205) 523-4227


Company size
2-10 employees

Tuscaloosa, AL

Privately Held


Videography, Photography


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