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OOH –Best Creative –Last Week Today

—Beer, Basketballs, Golf Ball and Bowling Ball

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billboard of New Belgium Brewing's Voodoo Ranger IPA
Branded Cities knows VooDoo

All IPA creative –New Belgium Brewing’s Voodoo Ranger IPA —downtown Denver.
Branded Cities



Best OOH Creative

 Creative OOH Executions which came to our attention last week

Send your #OOH Creative for next week’s post:




North Face got a jump on their Earth Day celebration early Wild Posting.
Dash Two

wild posting billboards in NY for North Face


This 28 second video is a very cool Experiential delivery by Minneapolis based
Atomic Props and Effect at the Final Four.



Ironically, we had a major storm blow in last Friday night and we turned on Channel 4 out of Washington, D.C., to catch the Weather and Tornado warning which blew right through our neighborhood. We are fine.  Fortunately, our house is in good shape but can not say the same for the neighbors whose garage and master bedroom where victims of two felled trees.
Outfront Media Liveboards in NYC.

digital billboard inside NYC subway



Leaderboard early in round 1 at Augusta.
Lamar and Community Bank keeping everyone up to date.
Ah… the advantage of real time content with Digital OOH.

digital billboard showing Master's live Master's Golf score



Postmates creative crushes it.  Look closely at the ‘food’.  They are cell phones.
Branded Cities
digital billboard in Vegas for Postmates
Harmon Corner —Las Vegas



It matters at UWA. And Lamar delivers. Simple, effective Digital OOH message
capitalizing on the advantage of affordable, changeable, always fresh copy.

billboard for University of West Alabama



OK Google; Can a bowling ball be OOH?

This reminds me of a podcast a friend shared, where the host asks the expert guest about
place based OOH advertising located inside transit stations, inside buses and inside airports which are
found “inside and not strictly outdoors.”  The guest cleverly covers the host’s backside by clarifying:
“all advertising outside the home is considered Out of Home.”

Yes, Virginia this bowling ball can be considered Out of Home. 

a bowling ball advertising for Google #OOH
How many holes can bowling ball have? Sometimes, with the simplest questions, only a true expert has the answer.
The answer is 12.





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