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OOH Back to Basics —The Employee Plant Tour

See the Possibilities —Always Be Selling!

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Back to the Basics —The Employee Plant Tour
See the Possibilities

Insist your National Sales and Marketing Team or anyone in your organization who may have an opportunity to represent selling your market, visit and tour your inventory.  Spend the day riding the plant. Give them the tour like you would a client. Buy them lunch. Provide them the inside scoop on why your particular market is special and deserves an advertiser’s attention. Don’t think you have to have a new build or they visited 2 years ago, stop you. It’s new to them and the refresher will help your market’s revenue. Budget for it. 

Just like this example:
With Eric Selby, Director of Airport Advertising & GM at Clear Channel Airports and Clear Channel’s Marketing Guru, Rainbow Kirby-Stearns, who incidentally has the best first name in the OOH Industry.

Selby says; “A pleasure touring the media opportunities with Rainbow Kirby-Stearns at Washington National Airport today.”  The pleasure is indeed his when bonus time comes around, thanks to the ‘additional business’ Rainbow Kirby generates with her DC Airports’ Market insights.  




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1 Comment
  1. Patsy says

    Great work Eric and Rainbow….investing in the team now instead of when it’s crunch time or someone is under fire.

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