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OOH Agency Today—MOCK, the agency

Wildly creative and deceptively simple.

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by Sarah Druhan, OOH Today Journalist

While most of us can understand the benefits of a bigger advertising agency, there’s no denying the subtle power that can come from smaller ones. Efficient, open, and deeply personal—these are only some of the words that describes all the attributes that a smaller agency can give to your campaign. Coincidentally, these words are all key tenets of MOCK, the agency: our Agency of the Day, today. Read on to find more.

The Basics: MOCK, the agency operates out of Atlanta, Georgia, and encompasses around 10 employees total. They are a full-service design and advertising company, their services including naming, logos, packaging, branding, photography, media planning, print, outdoor, and pretty much anything else you could possibly think of. Founded in 2008, this agency derives a lot of quality from their small size. It allows them to build stronger personal relationships, both helping them to “drive better ideas” as well as to imbue a spirit of efficiency into everything they do. Their 24/7 direct communication styles allows them to keep projects on schedule and to be as transparent as possible with every client. Their podcast, “MOCK, the podcast,” is hosted by Co-Creative Directors Donald Mock and Rob Broadfoot, and discusses the skill of maintaining creative marketing throughout every business challenge.

Clients: Clients on MOCK, the agency’s list include Vivek Biologics,  Naked Truth Chicken, Clyde Industries, Quick’N Eat, and Legacy Donor Services Foundation. Their full-service attitude extends to their acceptance of clients: MOCK, the agency is always eager to take on anyone, anywhere.

MOCK, the agency’s subtle yet effective work for the Ciner campaign.

Campaign Standout: One of this agency’s clear standouts was their work for Ciner’s Trona mine, a Wyoming mine that doubled as the largest Trona deposit in the entire world. MOCK, the agency took on the goal of ‘evolving’ Ciner’s brand identity and emphasizing their crucial place in the worldwide market.

And through a multi-level campaign that subtly yet effectively communicated these ideas at ever turn, MOCK, the agency more tha delivered on their promises. The billboard above depicts a drawing made entirely of grains of soda ash, one of the Trona mine’s most important products. This simple picture excellently underscores just how important every little piece of the Trona mine’s work is to supporting larger and more global infrastructures. With the addition of print ads and some stunning photography, MOCK, the agency was able to truly demonstrate their abilities as a full-service agency. Ciner Marketing Manager Amy Myers greatly appreciated the “efficiency and clarity” that the company saw as a result of their direct and focused work with MOCK, the agency, admiring especially how “the MOCK team was able to understand our business from Day One.”

The Bottom Line: ‘Efficiency,’ ‘people,’ and ‘direct access’ are all crucial keywords to this agency’s mission. They believe that keeping communication open at all times and responding as quickly as possible not only builds their client’s trust in them. It also allows their creative work to be expanded and streamlined enough to pass every advertising test with flying colors. And MOCK, the agency doesn’t believe in being defined only by their corporate status. They’re “not made of layers,” they’re “made of people”—and when everything they do is contained in one simple layer of less than 10 employees, they find that everything is that much easier, better, and more out-of-the-box creative. If you’re a client looking for direct communication and simplicity in your next agency, why wait? Get in contact with MOCK, the agency today. Chances are, you’ll hear back pretty soon.

Did this agency catch your attention? Click here to learn more about MOCK, the agency.

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