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OOH #1 for Driving Brand Awareness

Day in the Life Survey Says

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Out of Home is #1 for driving brand awareness and desirability

The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) today released the results of the Day in the Life survey conducted by Dynata and Thrive Media for MOVE (Measurement of Outdoor Visibility and Awareness).

The survey was completed in November 2022 by a sample size of 2,962, to test the perception and role of all media channels coming out of Covid.

“We are excited by the results, as they confirm what we know to be true about Out of Home. Creating Brand Awareness and Desirability is really our sweet spot, but Outdoor is also effective for prompting trial. The research compliments other studies that have shown that Out of Home, TV, and Online work really well together— with potential to increase ROI by up to 27 per cent,[i] ” said OMA CEO Elizabeth McIntyre.

The highest percentages to come out of the survey were for Driving Awareness, where Out of Home (OOH) was strongest across all demographics but particularly with Gen X and Millennials. Outdoor tied with TV for Prompting Trial, where social media took out the top spot. [ii]

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For more information: Day in the Life Study – OMA

[i]Analytic Partners; Collected Mix Models from The Leading Edge & Analytic Partners 2002-2018
[ii] Dynata & Thrive Insights for MOVE; Day in the Life November 2022; N= 2,962. Per cent that agree OOH makes you aware of brands by demo, and prompts trial.

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