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Oliver’s Butler County and A View from Baltimore


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The above photo for Butler County Ford came to my attention via LinkedIn.
Butler County is north of Pittsburgh, PA.  I really like the creative and want to share it with you.

The larger than life huge binoculars, and woman with mouth agape, the embellishment matched and smooth, and the simplicity of copy and type, delivers an effective, easy reading billboard.


Oliver’s Butler Co. Ford bulletin, reminds me of a characterization and sale of a particular billboard bulletin I was describing to a prospective Agency in NYC   Not the Oliver one pictured, which is north of Pittsburgh.

The bulletin I was selling, was actually located in the Northeast part of Washington, DC. It was a solid right hand reader with no obstructions. The view or dwell time, was nearly 15 seconds on a normally trafficked day.  In my exuberance describing it to the prospect, I told her, “the location was so good, it could be seen all the way from Baltimore!”   A bit of an exaggeration.  For those of you geographically challenged, Baltimore at its closest distance to DC, is 38 miles. No chance to be seen from Baltimore.  The prospect laughed with me, convinced, it was a worthy selection.

the Washington, D.C. “location was so good, it could be seen all the way from Baltimore!”

We contacted the principal of Oliver Outdoor, Jaymie Oliver, about the Butler County Ford billboard.
Jaymie shared, that the Butler Ford Bulletin’s appearance of 3D, was created enhanced graphics only.
The extension is wood construction, (standard plywood, 2×4).
Nice work Jaymie.  Thank you for the additional photos and information.

Contact: Jaymie Oliver


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