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OAAA Committee Recommending OOH Industry Return to OTS (“Opportunity to See” ) as Common Currency

Impression Measurement Guidelines

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In a document recently shared with OOH Today, it reveals the OAAA Data and Analytics Committee has met and drafted an set of Impression Measurement Guidelines  Still under review by the OAAA D & A Committee, OOH Today we received a copy of the ‘Guidelines’. The entirety is scheduled to be shared to the broader OAAA membership on Thursday, May 13. 

According to the document: The purpose of the Impression Measurement Guidelines drafted by the Committee aims to align OOH Impressions with impressions of other major media channels which is based upon Opportunity-To-See (OTS) figures. To that end, “the guideline recommends OOH revert to reporting OOH Impressions based upon an OTS (“Opportunity to See” ) as the common currency and along with this assertion, the guidelines recommend that OTS is redefined and enhanced beyond circulation.”

OOH Today will have more on this new development and comments from the Industry later this week.

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  1. gideon adey says

    Where’s the DeLorean?

  2. Hilarious reference Gideon Adey. Many OOH Buying Agency Experts are flabbergasted by this proposal. Saying in unison, “This will set the OOH Industry back 10 years”. Desperation, dollars and technophiles blindly short of OOH knowledge driving these type of OOH Industry decisions right now.

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  4. Ron Graham says

    Interesting move by OAAA recommending that OOH measurement should revert to OTS. This seems negative in light of the advanced measurement options currently available for OOH. This could work but only if OTS is redefined and enhanced for like-to-like comparison with impressions. Opportunity to see would need to be adjusted by all known reasonable factors, including time shared on Digital OOH, so it represents an indisputable measure of likely impressions.
    Perhaps this move is in reaction to the complexity of making OOH measurement inclusive of DOOH and all environments, but PLEASE don’t take us to the lowest common denominator.
    Looking forward to see what this really means, as this discussion is progressed.

  5. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Ron Graham. Discussion is needed by the entire Industry. Particularly absent is the Advertising Agency/ Client community.

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