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Now —on the Street —9 OOH Photos

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The #GetOutOfHome Campaign is On

#OOH creative in full execution on the street, where everything is seen full-screen!

Seattle, WA

No Skip Buttons
Get out more
mobile ad actually mobile
screen is always on
take a walk outside
digital campaign needs
more than internet famous






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  1. Nick Previti says

    You’d think the OAAA would have run a campaign that had a clearer message. The messaging could mean anything until you see #GetOutOfHome, but unfortunately that part of the ad is small and isn’t vibrant enough for people to notice.

    Not seeing anyone outside of the outdoor industry who was involved in this project really talking about it, which is an even bigger shame considering the recent study that outdoor drives more social conversation than any other traditional media format.

  2. Bill Board says

    Valid comments Nick Previti. We have heard similar comments from other readers and read it on social media.
    OOH Today will withhold comment, until response from OAAA and Publicis. Designing great OOH may be the most challenging task for for any creative director or artist. 6 words or less for starters. Thank you Nick.

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